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Revamping your wardrobe when summer falls into winter is always an exciting yet complicated feat. Do not get us wrong!

We love the flowery prints, cotton pants, easy-breezy skirts that support the warm weather, but the cool, crisp autumn feeling gives us more exciting options to choose from.

The real challenge occurs when autumn finally turns into winter and layers become mandatory, and we begin to run out of options for outfits.

Guess what, though? Just because it is snowing a bit outside does not mean we have to resign ourselves to mediocre style or give it up altogether for four long months. It just means we have to use the different parts of our heads and dress distinctively in the morning rush.

Layers cannot be skipped. So, you can add in the jackets for a trendy look. Buy a size up so you can fit a colorful sweater underneath. You can always accessorize them with cute pieces that add to the warmth, such as faux fur scarves and heat-trapping beanies.

Even during the winters darkest days, it is possible to maintain great style, as long as you are prepared for the challenge.

Embrace your inner fashionista queen and become the winter trendsetter that you were born to be.

Mentioned ahead are tips and tricks that would help you pull the game through.

  1. Enhance the legs with pointy shoes

One of the best options in winters, is going for shoes with pointed toes. Some trendy boots like the Acne Jensen were widely popular throughout 2019 because of their versatility and the ability to flatter every style, from denim to nylon dresses.

Another winter style hack is to keep a pair of covered flats beneath the work desk. They could work as a winter-friendly alternative to long heels with, of course, the comfort.

An essential black pair can never lead you astray with its remarkably versatile effect for everything from jeans to jogger pants to fur coats and dresses.

  1. Belt them up!

By the middle of a harsh winter, you will inevitably start feeling tired with adorning the same old varsity jacket day in day out. Add new life to your overcoat style by giving a try to custom leather jackets finished with a belt on the waist.

Cinching your waist will not only allow you to flaunt the envious curves but also make it seem like you have a brand new jacket defining your silhouette.

The best news is that this styling tip will work on just about any jacket style, as we have seen many runway models pull off belted puffer jackets.

In case you want to play it safe, you can get a jacket with hidden buttons and a belt of the same color. While bold dressers might prefer a contrast, covering up in monochrome is just as chic.

By the middle of winter, you’re inevitably going to start to feel some fatigue when it comes to putting on your dull old winter jacket day after day. Add new life to your jacket only by belting it.

  1. The right pair of boots to add the magic

The winters can be cold but also rainy and snowy. Another fantastic choice to save your feet from the snow would be flat over the knee boots.

They are higher and at the same time provide warmth with a fashion streak. And even though they are not tall like the holy heel, they still give you a polished look.

Your wardrobe choice mainly depends on what day it is like, but if you are not just walking out of the house for a casual stroll, I would suggest protecting your shoes with a water repellent.

Fashion enthusiasts that have done it with their UGG boots can vouch for water repellent sprays being good enough against harsh snow.

On the other hand, if your majority of work hours are spent outside the house, investing in functional snow boots should be seriously considered. Buy them in monochrome color to get the most out of them.

The pattern will give you a timelessly stylish look with much easiness to pair with the rest of your winter wardrobe.

  1. Skirts and dresses are in for the haul

You can still wear your pretty dresses and skirts in the winter months without freezing your kneecaps. All you have to do is get high DEN tights, which work for most of the days. But if it is freezing – in the minus degrees – then go for 300 DEN tights.

Another tip that you should consider while dressing up in winter is putting on a cashmere sweater. It is warm, and you can carry it over a dress as a small go-to blanket.

You can pair it with a wool skirt, which is perfect for cold winter dinner outings. So, when you are buying skirts for winter, make sure to go for materials that keep you cozy.

  1. Clean up the sweaters

There is a fine line between feeling chic and smart in a warm sweater and feeling disheveled with the look – the line is a loose thread. When your cashmere gets a little too worn, it can drop the confidence levels, sitting next to a tailored made blazer.

Before heading out, look for any pulls and use tweezers to get them out. If your sweater is pilling, buy a sweater shaver that you can use as a razor to get rid of the fuzziness. These two simple clean-up tasks alone can restore your sweater to its original grace.

  1. Embrace the hat trend

The first pre-winter instinct is to splurge on the best pair of boots and a faux leather coat. However, it is advised to also keep an eye out for the winter hats of your fashion dreams. Since you are going to carry that thing for a good three months, it should be something you love and for people to dote on.

Trendy bucket hats are in these days, but if you want to continue with the hat trend long after the winter months, consider getting the classic beanie. It will instantly add spice to any winter look you wish to pull off.

  1. Do the back pocket math

Most of the times, you might find yourself falling back on the winter style. Imagine this: you have crafted an outfit but then topped it off with the wrong coat and a hideous pair of boots as you run out the door in a hurry.

The trick is to keep some fashion formulae handy, to know what amalgamation you can go for, as you bundle up and rush outside. Start with your bottoms – whether it is a pair of pants, skirt, or jeans – have some shoe combinations lined up to try with each bottom.

For example, if you are wearing your black mom-jeans, know that you are going to pair them with black boots and a beige overcoat. Spend an evening or two crafting these formulae in front of the mirror or if you are particular, stick them in front of the hall closet.

Rock your winter!

In this day and age, it does not matter what country – cold or warm – you live in as long as you have the right tricks up your sleeve on how to salvage your fashion sense. I was stuck in a similar situation until I came up with the tips mentioned above that changed how I dressed in the harsher weather.

The pointers are just suggestions, not rules, so feel free to make alterations according to your taste. If you think wearing something will make you feel warm and look great, then go for it!

Hoping you would find the guide helpful, and yes, while these are not ground-breaking ideas, the devil lies in the details.

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