Understanding an addiction is complicated and understanding how to deal with it is even more complicated. If you are someone who is addicted or you have a closed one who is addicted then Harmony Rehab Centre in South Africa. Here is the website (https://harmonyclinic.co.za/) to check out for more details.

Below are some strategies that will help you to deal with addiction. But, firstly you need to realize what addiction is and what it is not.

  • Addiction is not:
      • A choice or decision
      • Something that can be overcome with self discipline and willpower alone
      • About individuals wanting to continue their addictive behaviour.
  • Addiction is:
      • Likely something that few people are inclined or more defenceless against others
      • A failed way of dealing with stress. The addictive behaviour starts as conscious or unconscious way to forget past trauma, acquire a sense of confidence, method of reducing nervousness or depression, for instance.
      • Something that people can move on from even if they have fallen flat before.

Ways to Deal with Addiction

  • Admit that there is an issue

The most important thing is to admit that there is an issue. If you are in stress or guilt or if your addiction is causing issues in your daily life then there is the time for you to admit that you are addicted. You need to accept the fact that you have to work on your addiction.

  • Plan to stop

Before you quit, ponder what you need to do in order to deal with your addiction. This may include removing triggers in your current circumstance. Be focused on the aim of quitting.

  • Think about your current circumstance

Get rid of things that make you remember your addiction or trigger it. At times, you might have to change your routine. For instance, you need to stay away from bars where you used to drink earlier. You also need to change your social patterns. For example, stop hanging out with people you used to drink with.

  • Be accountable to somebody

Find a person who can help with keeping you in line. This person can be your friend, family member, relative or anybody that you trust. Ask that person to check upon you regularly. If you realise that someone is monitoring you, you will be less inclined to surrender to your addiction.

You can also ask for their support whenever you are feeling low. They can motivate you and help you to deal with your addiction.

  • Join a support group

You can join a support group. Talk to people who have had similar experiences. Request for their help and learn about how they dealt with their addiction. They may suggest some ways to overcome the challenges that you may face.

  • Exercise

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to overcome depression. A lot of health professionals advocate regular exercise. It will not only improve your general health while burning some calories. But it will also calm you and release endorphins. It will also help to improve your mental health.

  • Enrol in a rehab centre

Enrolling in a rehab centre is the best way to deal with addiction. Rehab centres will provide professional and medical assistance. Call now to one of the best rehab centre in Cape Town, South Africa and find freedom from the addiction.

  • Bring an end to the habit

You need to bring an end to the vicious cycle of addiction. You have to break the bad habit. For that you need to remind yourself the reasons why you need to overcome your addiction. You can set specific weekly goals to reduce your addiction.

  • Find a new hobby

Finding a new hobby will work as a diversion and it will help you immensely. For instance, learn to cook a new cuisine, read books, learn a new language, etc. You can also learn new skills, take up online courses, etc. to distract yourself.

  • Love yourself

Learning to love yourself during recovery is important. Forgiving yourself for your mistakes is the first step to loving yourself. Then you have to accept your flaws and stop blaming yourself.

  • Start writing

Create a list and start writing the harmful effects your addiction has. You can also write down the advantages of overcoming addiction. You can also write about your experience if you are unable to express. If you feel really low then start practicing gratitude journaling. Write about things in life that you are thankful for.

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