2 Line Status

When you have to put something on your social media you must take care of what you are putting and in what way you put up your two-line status. Not everything can be posted on social media and not all the ways are perfect for putting your sneak peek forward.

You have to be very cautious about how your post looks and what two-line status should we put on so that it tempts your readers towards your 2 line status. There are many people who are still learning how to put their two-line status on their Whatsapp stories or Instagram stories.

Below are 7 tips to improve your two-line status. Dive in now to know the details and try to improve your status now with help of these tips. 

Apply Hashtags 

Whenever you are posting your two-line shayaris on your Instagram or any other social media website you must add multiple hashtags to increase the credibility of your 2 line status.

You should be sure about what hashtags you are putting. To make you understand even more clearly, if you write a 2-line status and it is a shayaris on friendship, your hashtags will be related to friends and shayaris. 

Formation of the status 

Your post can not have a background of green colour and a write-up in purple colour. This is because the background will not complement the write-up section. Similarly, having a dark background with an image having the same dark background is also not going to work.

So the formation of your status must be so that everything compliments each other. Then only the post is going to look fabulous.

Relevant Status

Your status that you are putting up on your social media should be a relevant one. The most important thing is that if you put up your two-line status according to what is going on in the world then your status should be updated according to the latest news.

Irrelevant of what is happening around you, if you put up your two lines status, no one is going to watch it. So if you want people to visit your status regularly, you must post relevant status.

Continuous Postings 

You must post regularly. If you want to be famous by putting two-line status up on your social media then you need to post things regularly. When you start posting your posts daily people start to visit you frequently as they get the reason for the days in a very entertaining way. This drives traffic to your status and more and more people get attached to it.

Be Short And Appropriate 

There is no need in writing long paragraphs below your image or your post. The shorter your caption is the more people are going to read it because no one reads a whole letter written by you.

Thus, if the caption is short and appropriate it is going to lower readers toward your two lines status. So remember what you are putting up there because your words and the image are the tools to become number one.

Choose a pattern 

If you are going to post regularly then you must follow a pattern. To understand better let me tell you that if you are posting something about Love Today you cannot counter your own status by posting anything negative about love the next day.

This is going to confuse the readers about your view. Thus, following a pattern is going to help you a lot.

Be Subtle

Your post should be subtle and should have the required information on the topic you have posted your 2 line status on. 

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