3 layer disposable face mask

Mask is used to stop the transmission and save lives. Wear a face mask is part of personal protective equipment. Face masks include in public health policies and health communication.

Different Types Of Masks

N95 Masks:

N95 is the respirator. This type of mask filters out both small and large particles. So it offers more protection than other types of masks.
Surgical N95 mask reserved for the health care providers.

Health providers are trained and become fit before using the N95 mask. This mask is not so perfect as a 3 layer disposable face mask.
N95 masks don’t have valves for breaths. So these masks are banned in some places.

Three Layers Disposable Face Mask:

These three-layer disposable masks are most effective than other types of masks. In the manufacture of In this mask, there is the use of polypropylene.

It blocks the air particles, droplets, or sprays containing viruses. This is the loose-fitting mask. Thus the tiny particles enter from the air.
This mask is considered the most effective in the COVID-19 pandemic.3-ply masks filter the pollutants, chemicals, and dust.

This mask has three comprised layers and a metal wire strip at the top of the nose area. It is mainly used for dealing with the highly infected patient of COVID-19 and front-line workers.

Cloth Mask:

The cloth mask is prevented only from the respiratory droplets created when talking, sneezing, coughing, and laughing.

It is also a barrier for inhaling respiratory droplets released from others.
Effective cloth masks are made up of multiple layers of cotton or woven fabric.

Medical Masks:

Medical masks are also known as surgical masks. They protect the person from the respiratory droplets of the infected person.

Also, get rid of sprays containing germs. It filters the large and small particles. But these masks are loose-fitting disposable masks.

How to Use Face Masks?
The proper way to use masks is for more protection for your health.
Follow these steps for wear and take off the mask.
· Wash your hands before and after the mask you wear and take off.
· Wear a mask that covers the mouth, nose, and chin.
· Make sure that tie or use ear loop is tight.
· Do not touch the mask from the inside. If you are accidentally touched, then wash your hands properly.
· If the mask becomes dirty or aet, then replaced with the new mask.
· Used mask is put in another bag and after that disposed or washed.
· Frequently wash the cloth mask in the machine or by hand.

To prevent the infection of COVID-19 best use three layers disposable face mask. It gives more protection. Also, used for everyone.

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