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Welcome to the iHealth Beauty Tips! We are glad to see that you are interested in writing health care tips for us and being a part of our success. We are looking forward to building a community that can bring all the top industry writers into one place.

We are interested in reading and publishing your thoughts on our fitness platform so that people can become aware of you and your writing skills. But for this, we set some guidelines and selective measurements that you should follow to complete the task. We are selective, so before sending any kind of diet & Nutrition blogs and articles, make sure that you should know the guidelines set by our platform.

A small Word about Our Audience

We have a huge amount of audience who has so much interest in reading the information about health and beauty tips. We regularly post articles and blogs on the various health and beauty, lifestyle, and information regarding vitamins and supplements, cardio, food, keto diet. Our site is completely user-friendly and visible in the search engines. Anyone can access the site in any size of screen, and that’s why we have a huge group of audience.

Our site gain maximum search from the last years because of the quality contents on mind & body, and that’s what we expect from you! You should write the quality contents on whole 30, nutrition, groceries after measuring all the guidelines, and it should be readable and have high quality. We don’t like to repeat the same topic that is already posted on our site. We are always looking for new concepts, tips, and tricks on diets and recipes that can attract users for a long time.

Which type of content are we looking for?

Before writing for us, you should have knowledge about this. You should have an idea of what this site is all about and which kind of service we provide. For this, you have to go through the multiple sections, including Lifestyle, coronavirus of our site. We accept different articles on different topics that include Mediterranean Diet, cardio workouts, yoga, arm workouts that are listed on the iHealth Beauty Tips. Check the home page of our site and check sections or categories and the sub-categories.

Topics which we cover on our site?

We are the leading site that offers daily articles and blogs to provide information on beauty, coronavirus, leg workouts, diet and nutrition, strength training, fitness, lifestyle, mind and body, travel, and weight loss. We provide daily articles where we provide in-depth information on multiple things, including ab workouts, fitness gear. We update you with the daily day-to-day tips so that you can make your working process easy and faster.
We have multiple guest post writers who visit us and provide their information and knowledge to us so that people can read them and gain advanced information on these. Write the things that are helpful for the people in their day-to-day use. Here in the next section, we are going to provide you some of the major guidelines on travel tips that help you in this phase.

Content writing guidelines

If you are interested in writing for us, then you should check and follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  1. We only accept the write-ups and contents that are 100% original and didn’t available on any of the sites. We want plagiarism-free content with high-quality information.
  2. We don’t motivate plagiarised content, so before copying any other content, make sure about this. So, don’t try to put the other key phrases or words and send the same file to us.
  3. Your post should contain enough words so that people can read this and get much information about this. We are welcome the articles that have at least 1000 words. We prefer articles that contain 1000 or more than 1000 words.
  4. You can add multiple images on healthy home, family, pets. You can add videos, audio, and outbound links to your content that can improve the users’ overall experience. We want to engage our users for a long time on our site, so make sure that your content should be attractive.
  5. If you provide us any content that has a hyperlink, then we check that link and remove it from our side if it doesn’t appropriate for our site.
  6. While writing any content, make sure that it is for the readers and should be crafted into the third person.
  7. We welcome the contents on relationships that are well structured, grammatical-error-free, and proofread. Always try to make your content interesting by putting multiple headings and sub-headings in it.
  8. Before sending any of the articles, make sure that it is error-free and plagiarized-free. It will be better if you proofread the content for the last time.
  9. We don’t allow to advertise any product through our link. You can’t promote your products, services. It means you don’t mention any company name and link while writing the articles on skincare, hair, makeup, and nails. Don’t take any screenshots of your brand to put in the article.
  10. Make sure that all the images should be of the same size, and every content should have an introduction and an overview part.
  11. The image you are choosing for the article should either be from the public collection or originally created by your firm.
  12. You should send us a document in word format. Please double-check the files of invisible illness before sending them to us because the post can’t be improved after it is published.

Important notice for all the writers

We have an editorial team who cross-check all the articles regarding body positivity, misdiagnosed, self-care provided by you before posting them. If your article is rejected continuously three times for the same mistake and errors, then we don’t consider your article and don’t make the payment for it.

We will teach you!

We reserve all the rights to select or reject any of the content. We have the right to remove all the links from your content if it doesn’t look appropriate for our site. So, it is informed to the very writer that before writing anything, consider all the above-discussed points. If you want to be a part of our team, then write for us today and send us! We will reach back to you within 5 to 7 working days. Send your articles to our mail id today!