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Electric heating is the method of generating heat by utilizing electrical energy. Electric heating techniques have evolved since the invention of electricity, and they are generally more straightforward and effective than other types of heating.

Advantages Of Electric Blanket On Health

1. Economical

In contrast to coal, gasoline, or oil heating systems, an electric blanket has a lower starting cost. Because all electrical heating systems don’t require highly trained workers, labor and maintenance costs are lower.

Because electric boilers lack these internal moving components, there is significantly less wear and tear on the machinery, extending its lifespan and minimizing the need for planned maintenance.

2. Cleanliness

While no such pollutants are produced during electric heating, ash and dust do occur during coal heating. An electric blanket is, therefore, the cleanest kind of heating, resulting in the lowest possible cleaning expenses.

3. No Pollution

Since there is no burning process involved, no such hazardous or flue gases are created when using an electric heating system. To maintain a clean environment and to avoid the need for gas exit space, this heating technology is fully pollution-free.

4. Simple Control

Temperatures in the furnace may be achieved easily, accurately, and dependably by utilizing manual or automated systems with timers. Other heating methods make it difficult to control and regulate the heat to attain desired temperatures.

Practically, it has been discovered that alternative heating methods only use 40–60% of the heat generated. High Performance. 

In contrast, by placing the heat source close to the area that needs heating, approximately 75 to 100 percent of the total heat generated by electric heating may be effectively utilized. Consequently, an electric blanket system has a very high total efficiency.

5. Automatic Defense

Electric heating systems can be automatically protected against overloads or overheating by using the appropriate switchgear.

6. Better Circumstances For Work

Both the noise and radiation losses from an electric blanket system are minimal. Thus, operating electric furnaces is cool and convenient.

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Disadvantages Of Electric Blankets

Even though an electric blanket system is a best and most effective way to generate heat. It has various shortcomings, like 

  • Electric heating systems are more costly than traditional heating systems in regions with high power costs.
  • Electric heaters work well for heating small spaces in a house electric blanket system cannot be used to heat big spaces.
  • Electrical risks include electrical discharge, fire, lightning flash, and explosions might occur.
  • Electric heating necessitates a greater than usual electricity service, which comes at a significant expense.

1. Miscarriage

By raising the chance of miscarriage, using an electric blanket during pregnancy might be lethal. According to several studies, the use of an electric blanket in the first trimester of pregnancy increases the chance of miscarriage. 

Use hot bottles or just switch on the blanket to warm up your bed if you are pregnant and feel cold. Utilize it at your peril if you decide to put it to sleep.

2. Cancer

When you switch on an electric blanket, it will begin to produce electromagnetic fields (EMF) because it is electrical equipment.

Numerous studies have suggested that prolonged exposure to EMFs damages our bodies and increases our risk of developing cancer, particularly breast and brain tumors.


To avoid burning, electric shocks, and fire, be careful to use your electric blanket according to the directions. Before placing the pad on your body, check how hot it feels to the touch.

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