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The key points of health promotion from the 50s onwards are balanced, sustainable exercise, regular health checkups, sleep, etc. Let’s focus on health every day and manage your health in a way that suits your physical condition.

As we get older, physical & mental condition gradually changes. Many people may feel that it has become difficult to lose weight, that they have lost their physical strength, and that it has become challenging to get rid of their tiredness.

As the mind and body change, the method of health promotion also needs to change. If you do the same thing as when you were young, you may get sick.

For people in their 50s & older who want to maintain their health as much as possible, what points should be considered when promoting health?

Let’s manage the diet.

There are many people in their 50s and older who say, “I feel like I’m getting fat, even though my eating practices have not changed much.” Why do you get fat as you get older?

The basal metabolic rate of people peaks in their 30s and 40s when they are in their prime and gradually decreases. Therefore, even if there is no difference in the diet, it is easy to get fat. If you exercise less or eat out more often than young, you will gain more weight.

Diets after the 50s are more balanced than calories.

I’m sure some people are worried about their weight and body shape, so they want to diet and work on diet management.

However, if you are older, it is not acceptable to reduce your diet and calories when you were young. Insufficient nutrients can lead to muscle weakness and poor physical condition.

Don’t just worry about calories, but the overall balance.

Is mild obesity better after the 50s?

A study of older Japanese people found that fat people were at lower risk of dying than lean people. There was a slight difference in the degree of obesity between men and women, with mild obesity for women and moderate obesity for men having the lowest risk of death.

Of course, overweight is not good, but you should be aware that overweight is also a problem for people in their 50s and older.

Some people in their 50s and 60s may find that “pores around the cheeks” are noticeably troublesome. Even if you try to hide it with foundation, it is quite tricky, and it isn’t easy to take measures.

The pores that stand out with age are called “sagging pores” and have a different cause than the pore problems of young people. It is essential to take corrective measures according to the reason.

On the other hand, the cause of pores in the 50s and 60s is “sagging of the skin.” As the skin sags with age, pores open. Let’s look at the figure.

Adult slack pores, which are often found on the cheeks, are characterized by the fact that the slack pulls the skin down, and the pores grow vertically and open. It can be seen that the mechanism is different from the conspicuous pores of young people.

Do sustainable exercise

Exercise is essential for people in their 50s and older, not only for dieting but also to prevent future muscle weakness and physical weakness. Vilitra 40 to improve physical health.

As you get older, your body’s functioning gradually declines. If you don’t have exercise habits, the speed will be faster.

However, if you try to exercise as hard as you did when you were young, you may get injured unexpectedly. It’s a good idea to include aerobic exercise that you can continue comfortably, such as walking, light-duty strength training and stretching.

Approaching yoga

In terms of body structure, the “shoulder” mainly consists of three bones, the “clavicle,” “humerus (arm bone),” and “scapula,” and various muscles support the surroundings.

The muscles become tired and have poor blood circulation, and the peripheral nerves that pass nearby are damaged by stimuli such as stiff muscles, which causes stiffness and pain.

I will. Especially when doing household chores such as cooking and sewing, the body tends to lean forward, and the weight of the head and neck makes it easier to put a strain on the shoulders.

In addition, the same load is also the cause of stiff shoulders (stiff neck) caused by smartphones, which has been increasing rapidly recently. I want to be careful not to overuse it.

Although it is such a painful, stiff shoulder, it is essential to increase the flexibility of the chest muscles and the range of motion of the scapula to eliminate it.

You may feel the care around the shoulder blades, which is often loosened together when rubbing the shoulders, but it is surprisingly easy to forget the chest’s maintenance.

If your chest muscles are stiff, you will be stooped and lean forward, which will put a strain on your head and arms and make your stiff shoulders worse.

Let’s start by fully loosening the chest muscles.

Get a doctor’s check.

It is also essential to have a family doctor and have a medical examination. As you get older, your risk of getting sick increases. Ask your doctor to check your health regularly for early detection.

If you have a chronic illness such as high blood pressure or diabetes, of course, you should not stop going to the hospital or taking medicine. If you decide to stop treatment just because you have no symptoms, it can worsen without realizing it.

It is essential to have a reliable doctor as a health management partner for people in their 50s and older.

Sleep is also essential!

As you get older, not only do you lose strength, but your sleep also changes. As your body clock changes with age, you may get up early to bed, or you may wake up quickly after a short sleep.

Those who have a job can improve their lives, but retired people and full-time homemakers are less irritating in their daily lives and may cause sleep disorders such as insomnia. Lack of exercise and luxury items such as caffeine and alcohol often affect sleep. It also has been affected by a remedy for chronic disease.

To get a good night’s sleep, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Prepare the bedroom environment.
  • Adjust your daily rhythms such as mealtime and bedtime
  • Soak up the sun during the day
  • Exercise moderately during the day
  • Avoid naps
  • Refrain from alcohol and caffeine
  • Quit smoking
  • Don’t get too much water at night.
  • If you have a chronic illness, consult your doctor about symptom control and medicine.

If you continue to be unable to sleep or have difficulty sleeping, consulting your doctor and using sleeping pills is an option. There may be many people in their 50s or older who think that they don’t want to take sleeping pills because they are addictive.

However, there are various types of sleeping pills these days, and if you use the one that suits your symptoms well, it will have a little adverse effect.

Instead, I am more concerned about the harmful effects of enduring the symptoms of insomnia. Lack of sleep can make you tired during the day, making you unable to concentrate on things and binge eating.

Sleeping correctly will help maintain and Cenforce 150 to improve physical function and reduce the onset of lifestyle-related diseases.

As we get older, physical & mental condition gradually changes. Many people may feel that it has become difficult to lose weight, that they have lost their physical strength, and that it has become challenging to get rid of their tiredness.

The importance of keeping records

If you are in your older, it is recommended that you keep a record when managing your health. By recording your weight, diet, amount of exercise, sleep time, etc., you will understand why your physical condition has changed.

If you have a chronic illness, you can look back on data such as blood sampling and why your symptoms got worse or better. By comparing the test results with the records you have made, you will realize how your lifestyle affects your body.

If you are not good at recording and cannot write on beans, try to record your weight.

Take care of your fitness so that you can stay healthy forever.

For people in their 50s and older, health care is not done to lose weight or improve body shape temporarily. This is done to maintain and improve the current health condition as much as possible and to live for a long time.

For people in their older who want to maintain their health as much as possible, what points should be considered when your health.

If you pay attention to your health every day, it will be easier to notice something goes wrong. However, overdoing and unbalanced health care has a negative effect on the body.

First of all, it’s OK from the range you can do, so let’s manage your health by the method that suits your physical condition.

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