Dental Implants Mistakes To Avoid

All on 4 dental implants is a dental restoration that helps you replace an arch of teeth with only four implants. With all-on-4 implants, you can avoid the inconveniences of dentures. All-on-4 dental implants are an excellent treatment option, and the procedure is both unique and complex.

If you want to get a dentist with the best deal to fit your all-on-4 dental implants, you need to know the exact things to look out for. You may have spoken to your dentist about getting all-on-4 dental implants but still not have the right information to choose the best treatment option.

Here are some common mistakes most people make while getting their all-on-4 dental implants and how you can avoid them.

  1. Getting An Inexperienced Implant Dentist To Fit The Implants

Fitting all-on-4 dental implants is a complicated dental surgical procedure. Most dental surgeons can carry out this procedure, but like most medical procedures, not all surgeons can perform it very well.

The problem arises from several dental offices claiming to perform the all-on-4 dental implants procedure because the procedure is fast becoming a preferred option for people who need to replace their teeth.

Even experienced dentists who are knowledgeable in different dental procedures but have little knowledge about all-on-4 dental implants now offer this treatment option.

The result of this is having a lot of dentists offering all-on-4 dental implants with only a few who can correctly carry out the surgical procedure, and this could be dangerous for most patients who are unaware of this fact.

The most important thing to note is that all-on-4 is surgery and that all surgeries have their risks, and each surgery has its challenges. Unexpected setbacks could happen during surgery, and it takes an experienced dental surgeon to handle the situation adequately.

How to find an experienced dental surgeon offering all-on-4 implants?

  • Check for the dentist’s qualifications.

Most dental clinics like to state the experience of their dental experts collectively, but try to check the credentials of the dentist who will perform the surgery.

  • Ask for the number of all-on-4 surgeries completed.

The higher the number of successful surgeries, the better for you. Do not aim to be among the first 50 persons that the dentist has performed the surgery on.

You need a surgeon who has performed several surgeries in the past and has likely dealt with different scenarios and setbacks of all-on-4 dental implants surgery.

  • Ensure the dentist has experience with all-on-4 dental implants

You may find a dentist who has completed several dental surgeries but ensure that the dentist has specifically performed surgeries for all-on-4 dental implants.

It is good that a dentist has ample experience in carrying out general dental surgeries, but, you should focus on the dentist all-on-4 dental surgery experience because the all-on-4 procedure is slightly different and more complex than other dental surgeries in terms of placement and planning.

  • Opt for a dentist that offers a guarantee

Having a guarantee on a dental procedure is a risk for the dentist, and if a dentist offers this, it shows that he/she is confident of performing a good job.

  1. Not Considering Whether or Not You Can Get More Than Four Implants on A Jaw

An all-on-4 dental implant helps you fit a full set of teeth on either the lower o upper arch. This saves you money and time while giving you a maximum result. However, in some cases, having more dental implants would be better.

All-on-4 dental implants are an excellent dental treatment option for restoring the teeth but sometimes, having full arch replacement may be a better option. This means that some people may not be suitable for all-on-4 dental implants.

You could opt for either a Fixed Hybrid Bridge or Fixed Zirconia Bridge restoration. This type of restoration uses 6 to 8 dental implants to support one bridge, and then the dentist will place dental prostheses like a full set of teeth on the lower or upper arch.

  • Differences between a Fixed Hybrid Bridge and Fixed Zirconia Bridge

The prosthetic device placed during the two procedures is fixed. If you want to remove the device, you would need to go to your dentist to remove the full-bridge and clean it.

The fixed part of these implants is the bridge, and it is attached to standard implants.

The Zirconia bridge material is zirconia; the Hybrid Bridge is made from composite and acrylic while the prosthetic is a titanium frame.

Fixed bridges on traditional implants have the following benefits over all-on-4 dental implants.

  • They can have more implants which provide better support for all the teeth on the arch.
  • With the fixed bridges, you can have implants above your molars. The molars are usually under more pressure, and the extra is invaluable.
  • With bridges, if an implant fails, you would have about 5 to 7 still supporting the teeth, but with all-on-4, if one implant fails, you would need to undergo the procedure again.
  • In the placement of all-on-4 implants, the dentist will place two implants at angled positions, to enable the implants to fit correctly. The angled implants cannot succumb to pressure like the traditional implant which the dentist places vertically.

All-on-4 may sound like a good option, but it is not always the best option.

Tips for choosing a suitable full arch dental implant

  • Be cautious about dentists who offer a general treatment option using all-on-4 dental implants.

Different factors like bone type, lifestyle, and age determines which dental implant will be more suitable for you. Your dentist needs to put all these factors into consideration for you to have a successful treatment.

  • Ask if you can get more than five implants on an arch.

If your dentist is experienced, he/she would give you an honest answer and explain in detail what makes you suitable or unsuitable for each procedure, but, you can still ask around if your dentist’s response does not satisfy you.

  • Research about the traditional dental implants

Getting to know the up and downsides of both Fixed Hybrid Bridge and Fixed Zirconia Bridge would help you understand the process and know the essential questions to ask.

  • Get different opinions

It shouldn’t be a problem to get a second, third and even fourth opinion if you are not sure about the first suggestion. Different dentists may have different treatment approaches, but if the treatment is suitable for you, they should all agree on one implant procedure.

  • Thinking That Everyone Is Suitable For All-On-4 Dental Implants

As earlier mentioned, all-on-4 is not suitable for everyone, and there are a few situations where you can use all-on-4. They include:

  • When you have enough front jawbone
  • The bone in your molar area is not good.
  • You want to load the implant immediately.

From these criteria listed above, the most crucial factor for getting all-on-4 is bone volume. If you do not have healthy and sufficient bone, the implant would not properly fuse and provide support with the prosthetics.

All-on-4 dental implants are meant to hold all the teeth on an entire arch, and this means that they need you to have already healthy jawbones to enable them to fuse properly. People who do not have enough healthy bone will likely experience implant failure.

The same also applies for traditional implants, but the bone has to be sufficient in the molar area. If you do not have adequate bone for implants, the dentist has to perform a sinus lift or bone grafting.

If you need immediate restoration of your teeth, you may need to opt for immediate load implants. However, wanting immediate load implant and being eligible for all-on-4 does not mean that it is the best option for you.

If you do not meet these three criteria stated above for all-on-4, then it would be better to get the traditional implants.

How to determine your eligibility for all-on-4?

  • Review your x-rays and 3D CT scan with the dentist

Doing this enables you and the dentist to have a better look at your jawbone.

  • Ask the dentist the volume of bone you have in the front jaw to hold the implant.

This helps you know if all-on-4 is the right treatment for you and when to get another dentist for your procedure.

  • Ask if the bone volume above in the molar region is enough.

If you do have sufficient bone both in front and at the back jaw, you may need to consider getting traditional implants.

  • Failing To Research About The Implant Brand

Most people think that getting generic brands is the best, and this applies to most areas of their life. Paying for a brand means that you are also paying for the quality assurance, history, longevity and reliability.

Different brands of dental implants are available, and they do not have the same quality. Getting generic dental implant brands has the following risks.

  • The quality of the dental implant is uncertain.
  • The company’s longevity is uncertain. If your dentist properly inserts a dental implant, it should stay in place for a lifetime. You need a company that can provide you with replacement connectors after some years if required.

If you want to get quality dental implants, do proper research. It may be an uncomfortable, expensive, and time-consuming process, but it would be worth your time in the long run.

How to ensure you get the most suitable dental implant brand?

  • Ask for a brand name.

Two top dental implant brands are available. They include Nobel Biocare and Neodent (made by Straumann). The original all-on-4 designer and manufacturer are Nobel Biocare, and they are a dependable brand. If you do not know the brand, your dentist intends to use, make sure you research about the brand.

  • Check the implants’ warranty.

For example, the Straumann brand has a lifetime guarantee. If the information you get from your dentist does not match the company’s information, you may want to rethink getting that brand.

  • Ensure your dentist gives you the specification of the implant after the surgery.

The specification comes with the implants, but if your dentist does not give it to you, ensure that you ask for it. Having the information will come in handy in the future if you want to restore the implant or need the warranty.

  • Thinking that you can get your teeth within one day

Teeth-in-a-day, all-on-4 implants involve the immediate loading of the teeth after the implant surgery. Most people like instant gratification and several advertisements for implants promises teeth-in-a-day. This means that you can get the implant and teeth in one dental visit, and you get your desired result instantly.

Getting instant result with all-on-4 dental implants in London is possible, but it is important to note that only a few patients can get it. Dentists rarely recommend this for the following reasons.

  • To get teeth-in-a-day, you need to have sufficient bone volume. People who can get all-on-4 may have bone loss from losing their teeth. This criterion makes most person ineligible for teeth-in-a-day.
  • Even if you have sufficient bone, they have to be equal to support the implants and prosthetics. Some bone tissues are softer and cannot hold the implants, and most times, it will be discovered during the surgery, so most dentists will not advise you to get teeth-in-a-day.

Most people who need implants and full mouth extractions have experienced bone loss. Only a few of these persons can get all-on-4 dental implants and complete restoration of an arch.

Even if you are eligible for teeth-in-a day, the dentist will only attach temporary teeth after the surgery, and you still need to visit the dentist after about 3 – 4 months to get the permanent teeth.

Tip for teeth-in-a-day

  • Have a realistic expectation

Only a few persons can get teeth-in-a-day. If you can get the teeth attached after the surgery, your dentist will attach temporary prostheses. During your treatment, wish to get the best, but make room for slight adjustments, so you do not get disappointed.

  • Assuming That Removing All Your Teeth Is The Best

A good dentist will always advise you against removing all your teeth except it is necessary. Dental implants are the second-best option because they help you retain your teeth function form. However, food may not feel and taste the same with implants.

Asides the effect implants have on food, maintaining the natural teeth is more affordable and comfortable. For example, you may want to get root canal treatment but decide against it because you think the procedure is painful. However, the pain usually occurs from the infection and not the treatment process.

Root canal treatment and duration for recovery is faster and less expensive compared to the removal and replacement of the teeth using implants. Root canal treatment helps you retain the function of your teeth. However, the best course of treatment in some cases is the removal of the teeth.

Tip to help you avoid the removal of multiple teeth and unnecessary implants

  • Get different opinions

You may want to get the opinions of different dental experts like an oral surgeon, periodontist, and prosthodontist. Get their biases and honest views in mind.

  • Using The Teeth Immediately After Their First Surgery

If you are eligible for teeth-in-a-day and you get them, try not to use your teeth immediately. It may be tempting to want to use your teeth immediately, but the implants need some time for them to heal properly.

For your implants to work properly, Osseo integration (bone integration) needs to occur. This means that the bone needs to grow around the implants and keep them in place. Bone integration takes a while, usually for several months.

The most crucial time in Osseo integration is the six weeks following the surgery. You should limit the amount of load on the teeth during this period.

If you place unnecessary pressure on the implant, you may damage them, or the implant will fail, which would require a do-over. After the implant surgery, you may experience pain and swelling, but it would subside after about two weeks.

Most people take this to be a sign that the implants have healed and begin to eat normally.

Tips to prevent damage or failure of your implants

  • Ask your dentist for written aftercare instructions.

Your dentist should give you instructions to care for your implants after the surgery, but you ask for the instructions if you do not get them. Follow your dentist’s instruction strictly to avoid issues after the surgery.

  • Be patient

During the first weeks following the surgery, try not to use your temporary teeth to chew or bite hard food. This may damage or cause implant failure.

  • Failing To Shop For Different Prices

If you are eligible to get your implants and have a dentist who has ample experience in all-on-4 surgery, and is ready to perform the surgery, the next thing you need to consider is the cost of your treatment.

Some people fail to consider the cost of what they need, especially when what they want is a high-ticket item. For some people, it is the euphoria of finding someone who has a solution to their problem that prevents them from looking into the cost.

Most business owners, including dental clinics, prey on these weaknesses to exploit a lot of persons. Sometimes, you could get the same quality of work at a lower price, so it is best to shop around for different prices both within and outside your neighborhood.

The cost of all-on-4 dental implants varies significantly between different areas. On average, all on-4 dental implants cost about £8000, and this usually covers grafting, installation of implants, extraction, temporary prosthetics, and permanent prosthetics.

Tip to avoid paying excess for your all-on-4 implants

  • Check what the price covers.

Some dentist’s do not include the price of specific procedures needed to get all-on-4 implants. You may find out that your dentist will exclude the cost of the final stage of the treatment, which is the placement of the permanent prosthetics. This last stage usually increases the cost of all-on-4 treatment.

  • Choose a dentist wisely.

The brand used and the experience of the dentist usually affects the cost of the treatment, so beware of dentists without experience who offer generic dental implant brands.

  • Remember to consider the previous tips.

Check the experience of the dentist, what the treatment covers, the brand used, whether or not the dentist offers a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment. This helps you know the type of service you would pay for and receive.

Getting all on 4 dental implants London is an excellent option to replace your missing teeth on an arch.

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