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Cloud technology or SaaS (cloud) hospital software has a great potential to change the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, it is one of the most embraced technologies in the pharmaceutical sector.

There is a substantial increase in the people affected by chronic diseases that is why pharmaceutical organizations need to digitally transform.

The best hospital management software which understands your needs can revolutionize patient care. Embracing technologies in the pharmaceutical processes will help deliver better patient care and improve the overall health services.

Finances play a crucial role when hospitals think about implementing new technologies. And as everyone knows the cost-effectiveness of cloud services. As a result, it is gaining popularity in pharmaceutical organizations.

What is SaaS in the pharmaceutical industry?

the cloud was not embraced in the past as it is today. Cloud-based hospital software had to go through a lot of criticism in the past due to security reasons. With compliance with an information protection policy pharmaceutical organizations understand the advantages of the same.

Hospitals are implementing cloud because of the affordability it has in the deployment of electronic pharmaceutical records (EMRs). The best online hospital software will have features like EHR, telemedicine, invoicing, supply chain, and other essential features.

This technology is gaining and will gain more popularity because it is a reliable, affordable, and scalable option.

According to research, the Cloud computing hospital software market in the healthcare industry globally is valued at $18M. Also, it is expected to reach $61 billion by the year 2025. The research states that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.7% approximately between 2019 and 2025.

What are the reasons for the cloud being the fastest growing service in the pharmaceutical industry?

We have compiled the latest trends that are the reason for the cloud services to grow in the pharmaceutical sector:

  • Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a great potential to make your organization smart in all aspects of the organizations. Hospital management software with an in-built AI is capable of making your organization self-learnable and autonomous. AI-powered software solutions are gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical industry.

Many pharmaceutical leaders are embracing AI in their processes to automate their tasks. It is an essential technology that helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of pharmaceutical professionals. pharmaceutical experts state that 81% of organizations have already started or planning to implement AI in their processes.

AI is capable of transforming patient care through natural language processing and machine learning. The ability of machine learning algorithms to accumulate information and interpret the patterns through it is a boon to pharmaceutical services.

This technology is capable of processing a large volume of the information base with ease, understanding it and making predictions out of it. It allows the hospital management system to make decisions without manual interference.

The best cloud-based hospital software will remove the worry about information security. AI helps to understand the patterns which help to detect the potential threat to the system.

  • Utilization of various clouds:

pharmaceutical experts suggest that the number of organizations using cloud computing in their processes will increase by 19.6%. SaaS will help the pharmaceutical industry to overcome most of the challenges they face. Organizations that use Platform as a Service (PaaS) will have a better advantage in 2021 and the future as well.

Today multiple online hospital software vendors in the market increase the ability to save, manage, process, analyze and secure sensitive pharmaceutical information base. The vendor is responsible for the security of your information and also has the best disaster recovery processes to avoid loss and misuse of information.

There is tremendous development in technologies like google health. As a result, it has helped pharmaceutical organizations to unveil the capabilities by using big information in their processes.

  • Priority to security:

Information security is a basic and crucial concern for pharmaceutical providers globally. The concern arises when the patient information is digitally stored on the cloud and there is a higher chance of information breaches. The top cloud-based hospital management software will have a multi-layered security approach to record the traffic on the server.

  • Pay as you go:

One of the best advantages of cloud computing hospital software vendors is that they allow the clients to pay on a subscription basis. Pharmaceutical organizations can increase or decrease the number of users as per their organizations requirements. This payment structure is beneficial for both vendors and their clients.

Pay per use structure is the most effective way for the pharmaceutical providers that deliver services temporarily. This payment method also helps the pharmaceutical organization that has just started its journey in the field.

What are the advantages of SaaS in the pharmaceutical industry? 

Implementation of the SaaS has many significant advantages in the pharmaceutical industry. pharmaceutical organizations can implement cloud computing to boost productivity and enrich their organizations processes.

Today various online hospital software vendors in the market cater to the pharmaceutical sector.

Following advantages are the reason for the acceptance of cloud in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Enhanced information security:

As discussed earlier, information security is a primary concern for the pharmaceutical industry because they deal with sensitive patient information. Additionally, they also have to for potential threats for information breaches and leakage.

With on-premises hospital software, pharmaceutical institutions have to employ an experienced IT team for securing their information.

Implementation of the cloud services the security, the vendor handles the security of your information base. cloud platforms have the best cybersecurity in place and information recovery process to keep your information secure and avoid loss of it.

  • Transparency in the pharmaceutical processes:

Pharmaceutical organizations have started prioritizing transparency to deliver better quality patient care. Many pharmaceutical organizations might have this question of how to enrich the quality of patient care.

The online hospital management system will provide access to the entire pharmaceutical history of the patient. Access to the pharmaceutical history of the patient helps the pharmaceutical professionals to provide a better treatment plan to cure the disease.

For instance, this is an efficient feature of cloud to provide better treatment even to the patients who are not able to answer these questions. The cloud hospital software will have the entire pharmaceutical record of the patient which helps to increase transparency in the pharmaceutical industry.

This technology trend will prevail more in the future because of the immense advantages to both the patient and the pharmaceutical provider.

  • Telemedicine:

Telemedicine is gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical field and its market is expected to grow up to $64 billion by 2025 only in the US. Hospital software with telemedicine features will help pharmaceutical professionals to provide their patients with regular treatment and care.

This technology has made pharmaceutical services accessible for even the population staying in the remotest areas.

Telemedicine helps bedridden patients with chronic diseases to access pharmaceutical care from their homes. It also helps the pharmaceutical professionals to deliver service from wherever they are. The cloud solution is evolving to a great extent to provide quality pharmaceutical irrespective of their location.

  • Increased coordination in the pharmaceutical professionals:

It is vital to have clear and effective communication between pharmaceutical professionals. The pharmaceutical leaders understand the importance of seamless coordination between the departments to simplify their processes.

For instance, just think about it right, the pharmaceutical staff had to physically go to various departments to gather and deliver the lab results, and also if they need a second opinion about a case with other physicians it will be a hectic task to do so.

It is crucial to connect with the other professionals, physicians, and doctors in the same hospital quickly and efficiently. Cloud hospital management software will ensure a faster collaboration between individuals and departments to deliver quality patient care. This technology has also helped many doctors to save a patient’s life.

Also, this feature will help the pharmaceutical process in underdeveloped and developing countries where the population does not have access to proper pharmaceutical services. Cloud hospital management software will help to collaborate with the best pharmaceutical professionals and services beyond their country.

Implementation of cloud solutions is a basic necessity for health care organizations. If your hospital wants to deliver quality patient care, decrease the operational cost, and enrich its processes, cloud is an efficient solution for them. Cloud-based hospital management software will transform your pharmaceutical organization digitally.

  • Cutting edge technologies to transform pharmaceutical:

Implementation of cutting-edge technologies will help immensely to transform the pharmaceutical sector.

Implementation of these cutting-edge technologies will help to transfer the information quickly, reduce manual interaction and decrease the operational costs.

Hospital software with advanced technologies will have sensors that record the temperature, neurological movements, insulin level in the patients in the intensive care unit (ICU).


With tremendous advantages to offer the pharmaceutical industry by implementation of cloud solution. Pharmaceutical leaders are exploring all the possible advantages that they can make the most out of.  Online hospital management software is an efficient tool to deliver quality patient care and reduce the burden on pharmaceutical professionals.

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