Perfect Pillow for Sleeping

Most people do not consider paying attention to purchasing the right style of pillow.

According to the survey, most people pay attention to sleeping mattresses only. It is so because they consider that only sleeping mattresses play a vital role in improving sleep quality.

But, it is not true! You should also pay attention to the good quality pillow. Most people pay attention to mattresses because they are large in size and require high investment as compared to various other sleeping accessories. But, you should always keep in mind that pillows are as important as your mattresses.

Imagine that you are sleeping on a worn-out pillow. You will spend the whole night twisting and tossing because you will not feel comfortable with the bad quality pillow.

If you want to stay comfortable the whole night, you should invest in good quality pillows. You should never choose a bad –quality pillow to avoid discomfort.

Why Pillow Plays The Vital Role?  

If you want to embrace sound sleep, you should maintain a good sleeping posture. If you do not want to face stiffness while walking, you should sleep properly.

A bad posture will lead to stiffness and pain. A good quality pillow will help in supporting your proper sleeping posture. Your body should be properly aligned from the top to bottom.

If proper support is not given to your neck, you will start suffering from severe pain or stiffness. Bad sleeping posture will also lead to the problem in your backbone.

If you fail to provide the necessary support to your neck, it will lead to the bad angle of your spine bone.

The bad alignment of the body will lead to pain, strain, and discomfort. You will start suffering from sleeplessness. You should also invest in an armrest pillow to improve sleeping posture.

What is the right time to replace your old pillows?  

According to the thumb rule, you should replace your bed pillow after 17 months. Usually, the memory foam pillow lasts for long. You can use the memory foam pillows for more than three years.

Natural pillows usually last longer as compared to synthetic pillows. You should always invest in good quality pillows because they last longer.

The pillows that are older than five or six years will not be able to provide sufficient support as needed by your body.

You may not be able to sleep comfortably as you could. If you are not sure whether your pillow can be used more or it is time to replace, you can perform the following tests:

  • First of all, you should take off the pillow cover and start properly examining your pillow. You should check whether your pillow has sweat stains. Also, you should check the signs of torn-out or smell.
  • If you find these signs in the pillow, then it is time to replace your old pillow with the new one. Over time, pillows start collecting dead skin cells, fungus, dust mites, etc. These old pillows can trigger allergies.
  • These pillows will also interfere with your breathing when you will be sleeping. If your pillow passed the sight and smell testing, you should move on to the next testing stage.
  • You should fold your pillow into two halves. If your pillow stays in this position and does not come back to the original one, your pillow is worn-out.
  • You should consider investing in the new one. These kinds of pillows that do not come back to the original position are known as dead pillows.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Perfect Pillow  

  1. Fill/fiber

When it comes to choosing the filling material for your pillows, you have to choose the right one. There are a myriad of options available in the market while choosing the right kind of filling material.

The different types of filling material have different pros and cons. Let’s discuss widely used filling materials:

  • Down

These types of pillows are light in weight and they are very soft to touch. If you want to have something very soft where you can place your head during the night then a down pillow is a perfect choice.

Usually, the down pillows are made up of the goose or duck fibers. The goose fibers are softer than the duck fibers. In addition to this, the goose fibers are comparatively expensive. The down pillows have different feathers and fillings.

Some people are allergic to the down pillows and they are highly sensitive to the feathers or down filling. If you are one of those, you should avoid investing in the down pillows.

  • Synthetic down and polyester fill

Synthetic down pillows are not very expensive as compared to natural down pillows. But, they are not as durable as natural down pillows. The polyester fill is comparatively inexpensive and they can offer good support to your neck.

The polyester fill pillows are ranging from medium to very soft. But, these pillows are not as soft as down pillows. Over time, these pillows will start flattening. Thus, you need to replace these pillows frequently.

  • Wool

Pillow with wool filling does not support the growth of mold or mildews. These kinds of pillows are naturally hypo-allergenic. These kinds of pillows also help in wicking away sweat from your neck and head.

Thus, these kinds of pillows are very efficient in regulating the temperature of your body. These pillows are perfect for all seasons because they will help in keeping you warm in the winter and cool during the sweltering summer.

Woolen pillows are extremely soft and firm. If you want to enjoy longevity, you should look for alpaca wool instead of cashmere fiber.

  • Cotton

Just like the wool pillows, the cotton pillows are also dust mites and mold resistant. The cotton pillows are naturally hypoallergenic. The cotton pillows are naturally flat and soft. People who are allergic should choose pillows that are made up of cotton.

  • Latex

These kinds of pillows are quite firm as compared to the down pillows. Thus, the pillows with the latex fill are extremely comfortable.

Pillows with the latex fill can hold their shape. If you want to squish your pillows in the shape that you like, it is not possible with the latex fill pillows.

Latex will not allow the growth of molds or mildew. These pillows can be contoured in such a way that they can provide extra support to your neck and head. These pillows can restrict the unwanted movement of your head while sleeping

  • Memory foam

Nowadays, these pillows are widely popular because they conform to the person’s shape. These kinds of pillows will respond to the weight and heat of your body. The memory foam will contour to the lines of your shoulder, neck, and head.

The memory foam will also help in even distribution of its body weight across the surface of the memory foam pillow.

All these features make the memory foam pillow a perfect choice, especially for those who are suffering from severe head or neck pain.  There are special types of memory foam knee pillow also available in the market.

  1. Fill weight

The synthetic and down pillows are widely popular because they are light-weight and let you sleep comfortably.

On the other hand, pillows filled with memory foam and latex are heavier. You can choose either a lightweight or heavy pillow. The choice will be based on your personal preference.

  1. Quality of filling Material

There are different types of pillow available in the market with different types of filling material. But, you should always invest in a good quality pillow that ensures comfortable and sound sleep. You should check the quality, support, and durability of your pillow before choosing any one.

  1. Size of Pillow

Another important thing that you need to consider while investing in a pillow is to pay attention to its size. Most people prefer to have a standard size pillow. Some people prefer to have an extremely large size pillow.

The extremely large pillows are also good because they help in maintaining the proper posture of your body while sleeping. The thickness of your pillow will let you sleep properly and let you properly align your head with the rest of your body.

The right size of the pillow will prevent you from spine problems and also help you to sleep comfortably. You can also find pillows that are specially designed in different shapes and they can also provide additional support to your head.

  1. Fabric

While choosing the pillow, you should make sure that the fabric is of top-notch quality. You should choose a breathable fabric pillow cover for your pillows.

The pillow cover will help in extending the life of your pillow. Also, they will protect the pillow from stains and bad smells.

  1. Chemistry

You should understand the chemistry that went into the pillow creating and designing process.

Some filling materials such as memory foam or polyester are undergone through various medical processes. You should have a good quality product that can fulfill your needs and demands.

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