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Feeling stressful is a common issue in today’s world as everybody kids, teenagers, grown-ups, and everyone encounter some of the other painful issues. Stress is a response to tough situations where an individual feels weak or restless.

Stress can be positive, for example getting on a roller coaster, riding a bike for the first time, getting ready for a wedding or negative as well going through a surgery, and suffering from a natural disaster or any other event that is causing you anxiety and depression.

This pandemic situation of COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress in the whole world as people have lost their jobs, ran out of business, lost their loved ones, faced lockdown or quarantine situations, or other reasons that were stressful for them.

Learning about stress relaxing techniques to adapt and cope up with the situation is very important in such tough times. These ways to reduce stress are easy yet effective and can help decrease the upsetting sentiments and come out happy and smiling.

Symptoms of Stress

Stress can be caused by any event and different stress reasons can cause different symptoms depending on the severity of the stress. Here are common symptoms and effects of stress caused by natural or personal reasons.

  •         Doubt, stun, and numbness
  •         Standard, serious rational pains
  •         Trouble thinking and taking decisions
  •         Migraine, back pain, and stomach aches
  •         Change in sleeping pattern and restlessness
  •         Excess smoking or consumption of alcohol or drugs
  •         Feelings of withdrawal symptoms, uselessness or isolation
  •         Loss of interest in meeting people or any activity
  •         Feeling miserable, mystified, and abandoned
  •         Prolonged irritability, anger, and frustration
  •         Obsessive thinking or excess worrying
  •         Unexpected weight gain or reduction
  •         Failure to focus or concentrate

Helping Youth Cope with Stress

Teenagers and youngsters frequently battle with how to adapt to stress and anxiety. Youth can be especially affected when their stress is connected to a traumatic event like the loss of loved ones, child abuse or any misfortune activity.

A natural disaster like COVID-19 pandemic situation, flood, war, or tragedy in the family, loss of loved ones, acts of mass violence, or any other traumatic situation can put them in a stressful situation.

Guardians, parents or instructors can help their youngsters to cope with stress and feel more powerful.

Ways to Reduce Stress

There are tons of activities that an individual or their loved ones can do to combat stress, anxiety or depressing situations. If you recognize your level of stress and what is it that works perfect as a stress reliever for you, the victory over stress is already won.

Listening to Music

Music can significantly influence both the body and the soul. Fast music makes your brain focus and thinks better. Energetic music makes you feel idealistic, cheerful, joyous, good towards life and you like your existence.

Music with a moderate rhythm functions admirably in relaxing and calming your stress, relaxing your muscles and filling your mind with positiveness.

You feel relaxed while managing the stress of the day. Music is convincing for loosening up your stress if you smartly choose the right type of music at the right time.

 Listening to Music

Music has an extraordinary connection with mindfulness and meditation as music encourages you to focus on what you are doing or thinking.

Slow rhythmic music, calming music, instrumental music, and other meditational music are suitable to calm your mind and achieve unwinding. Music without a pattern or upbeats can’t be used for meditation or relaxation.

Go Out with Friends

Friends are more than soulmates for a lot of people. At school or at work, we love to spend time with friends and colleagues and adore those precious hangouts for a lifetime.

These short breaks work like stressbusters and re-energize your mind and body to give your work another slot of productivity.

Hangout with friends on a fine weekend, going out for clubbing or some recreational activities also boost your morale, fill your mind and soul with a lot of energy and positiveness.

You attain self-confidence and worthiness to work with full energy for the next week. Laugh Out Loud (LOL) and be on your own when you are with your friends to be more confident towards self.

Have a Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet is the key to a healthy life and stay stress-free related to health issues. If you are physically and mentally fit, you have already killed a lot of reasons responsible for stress.

A balanced diet nurtures your mind, body, and soul and prevents any type of deficiencies that may cause stress or anxiety in a longer run.

Have a Balanced Diet

If your food habits are odd, you may also consult a dietician to get a weekly or monthly chart prepared for yourself. Start your day with a healthy and colourful breakfast that is full of essential protein, vitamin and minerals.

Follow 5 meals plan for the day and eat light in the evening. Have your dinner at least 2 hours before you hit the bed. Try to rely on a liquid diet as it’s full of nutrients and easy to digest without putting much of strain on your digestive system.

Follow a Healthy Routine

Just a healthy diet is not good enough if you can’t get the most out of it. Work on your timings and schedule a healthy routine for self. You become more stressful when you fail to think about self and overburden yourself with a lot of deliverables.

Wake up early in the morning and give some time to your physical maintenance. It can be in any form like yoga, meditation or mindfulness.

Even if you follow 90% of your calendar, it is a good start for the beginning of a healthy routine. Balancing your work, recreational activities and self-awareness is a critical aspect to conquer a stress-free life.

Practice Meditation & Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation have deep roots with stress and anxiety. This is one of the best ways to reduce stress and combat anxiety. Meditation calms your mind and helps you focus on your strengths and the important aspects of life.

Practice Meditation & Mindfulness

There are different types of meditation techniques that can ease up the pressure on mind, body, and soul. If the reason for your stress is due to some mental pressure, meditation is the best therapy to cope with stress.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Physically fit body is mostly stress-free as you suffer less illness and be more productive and active all the times. This also boosts your confidence and morale as you are always in the win-win situation.

You can start with light exercise, jogging, yoga poses, swimming or any other activity that pumps up your blood to your brain.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Exercising regulates a lot of systems in your body and makes you physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Try to get along with someone as a partner to build up interest, regularity and discipline in your routine. Building up competition also helps you to stay regular and focus on uplifting your mood.

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is one of the best stress relaxing techniques that you can practice staying where you are. Focusing on your breathing patterns and improving on your deep breathing exercise can help you attain calmness and stay stress-free.

When you practice long exhales or master the Deep Breathing pattern, you can start practising different breathing exercises that will soothe your physical and mental health.

If you know how to regulate your breath, you can control your anxiety, depression or panic attacks. Deep breathing also helps you meditate and attain mindfulness. Counting ten to one with deep breathing is one of the most practised stress relievers that you may have seen.

Have a Tight Sleep

Insufficient sleep elevates psychiatric risk and impacts on your emotional and mental health status.

People with sleep disorder face more peer-related problems than with others who attain a good night sleep. Improper sleep makes you lethargic, dull and irritating throughout the day.

Have a Tight Sleep

A proper sleep pattern can reduce stress and boost focus, concentration and mental stability.

There are a lot of issues if you can’t follow a proper sleep routine with a minimum of eight hours of sleep. You may face thinking issues as your mind can’t focus on positiveness or forget things randomly.

Your skin gets darker and your academics performance may go down with improper sleep patterns. This may make you irritating and behavior reflects it all.

Cook for Yourself

Cooking is one of the best therapies that you can try as a stress relaxing technique. Practising this may help you attain self-satisfaction and bring smiles on your loved ones. Even if you don’t know how to cook, get yourself a treat by getting into the kitchen.

Cook simple dishes for yourself and try experimenting something for your friends or family. If you have given your heart and soul, the dish will surely be relished by your loved ones.

Cooking is a restorative, fulfilling and therapeutic event that helps you distress yourself and you attain calmness.

Cooking for self and others will surely boost your mood when you see others relishing your dishes especially when you are a top-class chef. Go for small means or snacks after every 2 hours and refresh your body nutrition level with mindfulness.

Reward Yourself

At the end of the day or the week, don’t forget to reward yourself. Buy something that you wish to have for so long and gift yourself the priceless happiness that you miss the most.

Shopping is not just a therapy for females but also an art of rejoicing for people who suffer stress and anxiety.

Reward Yourself

Go for parties and have a wonderful time with your friends, couple or loved ones. These mesmerizing moments will refill your life with joy, self-satisfaction and attainment.

Save for big things and gift yourself precious items like a car, bike, jewellery or a smart gadget that you dreamed about.

Bonus: Test Your Capabilities

Accept challenges and make new heights to attain self-confidence and tell yourself that you are capable of doing everything. Break your own records and unwind the barriers that are stopping you and setting limitations.

Push gradually inch-by-inch and allure capabilities to do wonders. Every accomplishment will be so rewarding and satisfying in releasing stress and taste the strength of success.

Summing Up

If you really wish to make this meaningful, figure out your top five ways to reduce stress and start working on them from today itself. Create an effective time management strategy to follow a healthy routine.

Having a balanced diet while cooking for self and rocking your day with your favourite music will boost your mood and confidence. Call out your old friends and plan a reunion to recall all those old memories that can rejuvenate your life.

Go for a pet only if you can take responsibilities and take good care of it. Help someone in need and you will feel the power of god once you see that smile on their face. Practice these stress relaxing techniques and you will find that life is beautiful.

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