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1) When the heartbeats, it propels the blood towards the arteries. So when the blood flows in the arteries, with greater force that leads to high blood pressure. So that simply means, when the blood flows with a greater force than the normal in arteries that lead to hypertension ( high blood pressure). There are various reasons which cause high blood pressure, and that may be kidney disease, more intake of salt (sodium), kidney infection that is prevailing for a long time period, and smoking as well. 

2) There are certain modifications that will help you to cure high blood pressure, and that can be incorporating exercises in your daily routine, and with the intake of healthy food ( more consumption of vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, and less intake of sodium). 

3) Besides that, if you want to hit the gym, to start any workout, you need to get suitable gym workout clothes that are sweat absorbent and lightweight. Born tough workout clothes are stretchable, stylish, and are also available at a pocket-friendly price as well. 

In today’s blog, I will describe several exercises that will help you to cure high blood pressure. 

Control Your Blood Pressure with a Brisk Walk. 

When you work out on a daily basis, your blood vessels stiffness gets reduced, and the passage of blood gets much easier. It has been observed that if you walk briskly for at least ten minutes a day, you can reduce your high blood pressure in a remarkable way. If you are a beginner you can also split your workout plan into various sessions. Various research has proved that 10 minutes of daily workout will prevent you from high blood pressure that can happen in the future and is more effective than 30 minutes of workout performed two to three times a day. 

Walking on a Treadmill. 

1) If you are regularly working out, (exercising) that means you are strengthening your heart, and making your heart muscle stronger. A treadmill workout is an aerobic workout that improves the blood circulation in your body, which ultimately strengthens your heart and drops the high blood pressure. It’s suggested to perform any type of intense workout at a moderate level, in order to prevent your muscles from inflammation, injuries, and soreness. 

2) Various studies have proved that swimming on a regular basis reduces high blood pressure. Especially in summers, you can have water fun in the pool, also the high to moderate level of swimming thrice a week will help you to cure high blood pressure. 

3) So if you want to get indulged in any type of workout make sure you are having suitable gym workout clothes. Born tough workout clothes are immensely comfortable, lightweight, and long-lasting too. 

Weight Lifting. 

1) Although it may seem illogical because resistance training always raises your heart rate up on a temporary basis, on the other hand, it helps you to enhance your overall body fitness too, which will also help you to lower your high blood pressure. Lifting the weight or resistance training workouts have long-term health benefits, and one of them is making your heart muscles stronger and lowering your blood pressure. 

2) Hiking is an excellent cardiovascular workout, which helps to reduce your high blood pressure. Hiking not only helps to decrease your blood pressure but also prevents you from several other disorders such as stroke and cardiac arrest. 

3) When you are climbing the inclined surface you are actually engaging your muscles, and a large group of muscles are being engaged, which will ultimately increase your overall body fitness. 

4) Other than that, besides exercising you also have to consume a balanced diet to cure your blood pressure. Take food that has a very less amount of sodium, try to get a diet having whole grains, swiss chards, salmon, berries and drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Quit smoking and alcohol intake, and try to have a healthy lifestyle. 

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