Infertility can be hard to swallow for both men and women. You bear the burden of unwanted advice from the people around you and find yourself failing at what others seem to do effortlessly. Particularly, if you are struggling with male infertility, the experience can be harrowing. But you need to be clear that infertility is more common than you think it is.

Battling infertility 

Dealing with infertility, you can relate how one of your friends was convincing you how you are for not having children, while the other was telling you about some fertility treatment. Although there are many one-and-done fertility success stories the problems go way more than deciding on boosters and magic pills.

Male factor infertility is the reduced ability of men to reproduce naturally. It can be due to many possible reasons including low sex drive to underlying health conditions. Broadly, infertility problems can be either due to sexual dysfunctions or semen quality. Referring to a similar experience, a friend of mine went to the best sexologist in Rawalpindi and started his journey to successful parenthood.

How to improve male fertility? 

Whether it’s your mental health or reproductive health, you are the first person who can help you. When talking about male infertility, lifestyle habits are directly related to their reproductive health. No matter if you are looking for a fertility medication plan or thinking about IVF therapy, there are a few things you can try on your own to improve your fertility.

Some of the facts supported ways to boost your reproductive health are;

1- Be aware of age-related fertility changes

Just like women, men’s reproductive health is also affected by their age. Pertaining to the age, the quality, as well as the quantity of sperms, tends to decrease that directly affects the reproductive potential of men. Over time, reproductive hormone levels also fluctuate and sperms are more likely to possess genetic abnormalities. Therefore, staying aware of age-related changes can enhance male fertility.

2- Stress management

Uncontrolled stress is your biggest enemy! Apart from your mental health, stress can adversely affect your reproductive health as well. Elevated stress hormones can significantly lower the level of your sex hormones impairing your fertility in general.

3- Healthy foods

It goes without saying that a man becomes what he eats. Although the association between male infertility and diet is unclear; but to improve fertility, it is generally recommended to eat food that is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants can help to improve sperm count that is one of the biggest reasons behind male factor infertility.

4- Beware of temperature

Sperm production is generally affected by the outside temperatures. High temperatures lean towards affecting the sperm-making ability in men that can be a possible reason for male factor infertility. So, if you are fond of going to steam rooms or staying longer in hot tubs, make sure that you are not damaging your sperm.   

5- Get help

With all the other reasons leading to infertility, you should never ignore the possibility of underlying medical conditions. Despite making efforts towards improving your lifestyle and healthy diet, if you still fail to get the results, it should be considered as a red flag. Immediately going to a sexologist can be of great help to prevent further complications.

You can get your infertility assessment done and start with the right treatment. The treatment might involve several healthcare professionals to make your journey successful. I remember when my friend was getting treated at Begum Akhtar hospital in Rawalpindi; he was seeking out help from a sexologist and nutritionist simultaneously.

6- Kegel exercises or increased physical activity

Have you heard about the Kegel exercises for improved fertility? Well, physical activity is an important factor that affects a man’s health in general. Other than physical and mental health, working out is associated with improved reproductive health as well. Choosing an active style is a natural way to regulate your hormone levels alongside improving semen quality.

7- D-aspartic acid supplements

Several dietary supplements are known to clearly affect the reproductive potential in men. Just like other supplements, D-aspartic acid is an effective dietary supplement that can essentially boost the level of the male sex hormone. An increase in testosterone level accounts for improved fertility in men.  


Besides these, taking natural supplements (fenugreek seeds, ashwagandha), a proper sleep schedule, and giving up on a toxic lifestyle habit can be the stepping stones towards your successful fertility story.

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