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Almost all face situations of the stiff neck for various reasons. It can be due to arthritis, bad posture during sleeping, or sudden jerks in the neck. The condition with a stiff neck is too painful. One cannot move the neck in either way as the muscles and nerves are stiff.

Massaging the area by hand sometimes helps, but it is not always fruitful. It is also not always possible to visit a masseur for time and money constraints. However, some stiff neck can make the situation dangerous and restrict the mobility of a person.

Dangerous Situations

Having a stiff neck may make a person turn the entire body to see something or do some work. It is a pathetic condition. Therefore, it is best to treat stiff necks with priority before they turn severe.

  • Cradling the mobile phone

Many people cradle their mobile phone for a long time between their neck and ear. It is one of the most dangerous postures to have a stiff neck.

Again slouching with the computer or laptop for long hours without moving the head can cause a stiff neck. One should always try to move the neck after few minutes and also use neck relax massager to keep the muscles and nerves relaxed.

  • Awkward sleeping position

It is common to have a stiff neck and limited mobility after waking up from sleep. It is due to sleeping in an awkward position. One should sleep in the proper posture to avoid a stiff neck.

Sleeping on the too-soft mattress can also give a stiff neck. The situation worsens if one continues sleeping on such a mattress. It can cause cervical spondylitis and hunch the spine.

  • Sports injury

A sudden movement of the head with a jerk or turning the head continuously on both sides, particularly during long swimming hours, can cause neck pain. It is best to avoid these situations as far as possible. Everything should be done within the permissible limit of the body.

  • Injury to the spine

Bad sitting posture can injure the spine and can be a reason for a stiff neck. Becoming a couch potato sitting in an awkward posture can harm the spine and compress the muscles and the nerves. One can get a stiff neck and even headaches from that.

The motion of the neck becomes limited, and a person feels miserable having a stiff neck. Painkillers do help to get some relief, but it is best to avoid them. Using a neck relax massager can help a person to get rid of a stiff neck.


Pain in the neck, limited mobility of the neck is common in the stiff neck that can turn dangerous. One should treat them with priority.

A stiff neck can be excruciating and can stay for even a couple of days if one does not take any remedial measures. Relaxing the muscles and the nerves in the neck and spine region can give relief.

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