vegetarian gluten free recipes

A vegetarian meal can be gluten-free if you little bit pay attention to it. By eating gluten-free recipes, you will be able to follow your diet plan. As a result, you will be able to maintain your shape. But, not all the masses are familiar with the concept of gluten-free. 

What Does It Mean To Be Gluten-Free? 

Choosing a gluten-free diet means your food does not consist of Gluten. This substance finds in wheat, rye, barley, triticale, and many more. When you consider gluten-free, you should aware of the wheat germ. You can consider gluten-free oats. But, there are chances that it may consist of gluten. 

Besides this, you have several options in gluten-free recipes mainly if you are vegetarian. Here comes the list of recipes that you can consider: 

Sweet Potato Dal With Kale 

If you are looking for easy to cook and mouth-watering dish, it is a perfect meal choice. You can serve it for lunch and for dinner too. Dahl is the combination of warm Indian spices, sweet potatoes, kale, and yellow split peas. It is a vegan, hearty, healthy, and gluten-free dish. 

Apple Curry With Chickpeas And Lentils

Do you want to make your autumn memorable with one of the best vegetarian gluten-free recipes? Try this gluten-free and healthy dish and make your family happy. It consists of numerous spices which enhance the taste of this dish. Additionally, it does not require too much time to cook this dish. 

Cheesy Polenta With Squash and Herbs 

By considering this recipe, you will enjoy creamy and cheesy polenta. You can serve this dish with corn, fresh herbs along with the squash. This dish is a blend of numerous flavors and you will be going to love it. 

Tofu Scramble Recipe with Southwestern Spices

This mouth-watering dish is a blend of numerous healthy veggies, warm spices, beans, and cheese. It requires thirty minutes to cook this dish. Additionally, you can serve it at brunch or dinner. Your family will be going to love this dish. Scramble the tofu and enjoy the dish. 

Tofu Matar Paneer

Use Tofu instead of paneer. It is a healthy and gluten-free dish that is easy to cook. It requires only five major ingredients to cook this dish. You need to spend twenty to thirty minutes cooking this dish and your family will enjoy this for dinner. So, consider this, one of the best vegetarian gluten-free recipes.

Carrot Ginger Soup 

It is a healthy and tasty soup which you can consider. This tastier soup is full of flavors which is the ideal combination of sweet and spicy. You can serve this dish to your kids. In short, it is a kid’s friendly dish. 

Final Verdicts 

These are healthy gluten-free recipes. Right from carrot ginger soup to tofu Matar paneer, you can consider any of the recipes as per your preference. All you need to do is, search for the recipes, ingredients, and time require to complete the dish. Each dish requires a minimum of thirty to forty minutes. 

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