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Mangoes have always been an integral part of India’s culture and cuisine. India is home to over 1500 varieties of mango, each with its own unique flavor, texture, and appeal.

Mangoes are popularly known as ‘the king of fruits’ and are widely used in various Indian dishes and desserts. Mangoes are packed with essential vitamins and minerals and provide many health benefits that is why buyers buy kesar mangoes online.

But do you know Who Introduced Mango In India? If you don’t know that you should read this article at the end.

Who Introduced Mango In India?

Mangoes have been a part of Indian cuisine since ancient times. But who exactly introduced the mango to India? The answer is not as straightforward as it seems.

Historians believe that the mango originated in Southeast Asia, and was then spread to India and other parts of the world.

It is believed that Alexander the Great brought fruit to India when he invaded the Indian subcontinent in 326 BC.

The earliest known reference to the mango can be found in the writings of the Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang, who visited India in the 7th century AD. He mentioned mangoes in his travelogue, describing them as a “savage fruit”.

The fruit was also used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and it is believed that its medicinal properties were known from the 5th century AD.

In the 12th century, mangoes began to appear in Indian paintings and sculptures. By the 15th century, mangoes were being grown in the subcontinent, with many types of mango varieties being cultivated.

Contributions of Indian Farmers to Mango Cultivation

India is known as the “land of mangos” and rightly so, as it is the largest producer of mangoes in the world. Indian farmers have contributed immensely to the cultivation of this fruit over centuries, developing a unique style to grow and cultivate mangoes.

From creating special varieties of mangoes to innovating cultivation techniques and improving irrigation systems, the farmers have boosted mango production over the years. They have increased the yield of the fruit manifolds, thanks to their scientific methods.

The farmers have extensive knowledge of the different varieties of mangoes, the soil types, and the environmental conditions that suit them the best, enabling them to produce top-grade fruits for export. They experiment with hybrid plants and modified irrigation techniques to maximize fruit production.

Indian farmers also use natural fertilizers like cow manure, providing necessary nutrients and protecting the health of the soil, thus ensuring the mango plants receive all the necessary needs for healthy growth.

Famous Variety of Mango In India

Kesar Mango, known as the “Queen of Mango” is one of the most popular varieties of mango in India. This sweet and juicy mango is grown mainly in the Gujarat region and is loved by people all over the world.

Kesar Mangoes are known for their unique flavor and fragrance and have been enjoyed for centuries in India. The mango is also famous for its vibrant color, which ranges from light yellow to deep orange.

The pulp of the mango is usually very sweet with a hint of saffron and is often used to prepare desserts like Kaju Katli and Mango Lassi. Kesar Mango is also popularly used in salads, chutneys, and other dishes.


India is home to a number of delicious and juicy mango varieties, including the famous Kesar mango. Kesar mango is a variety of mango that is grown primarily in the western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. With its unique sweet and tart flavor, Kesar mango has become one of India’s most popular mango varieties.

Buyers can buy kesar mangoes online and have them delivered to their doorstep. Now, getting the best and freshest mangoes has never been easier.

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