Is Garden Safe Insect Killer Safe for Dogs ?

Do you need a pest-free garden and a healthy dog as well? Well, both of these are quite dissimilar to each other. It’s possible to swipe away garden pests and ensure that your dog is safe too, without even stopping him from going to the yard after the pesticide application.

Read more to know about garden insect control products.

Some Best Garden Insect Control Products

Some of the best garden insect control products are listed below. Let’s have a thorough look at it:

Essential Oils :

Few essential oils are very secure to utilise around your dog. These oils would keep pests from your garden to a minimum. Certain essential oils are mixed with distilled water or carrier oil to spray on the infected areas. The best essential oils include:

Lavender Oil :

This oil is generally known for its fragrance and its calming properties. It also acts as an ant repellent for your yard.

Lemon eucalyptus :

This one is a great alternative to eradicate mosquitoes from your garden.

Pine :

The pine essential oil is an organic mosquito repellent used for your garden.

Diatomaceous Earth :

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is extremely harmless to humans and dogs. However, it is strong enough to kill pests and other insects. DE, which people generally use in their yard, is highly safe, even to eat. You can even rub it on your dog’s coat to protect it from ticks and fleas. In the garden, it helps in eliminating ants, slugs, beetles, flies, and many other pests. It works by dehydrating bugs and pests. Note that you’ll have to replace DE after every rainfall.

Boric Acid :

Applying boric acid will control weeds, insects and fungi but never harm your dog. It is known to destroy the stomachs of insects by drying them out. Boric acid prevents mould and fungi from reproducing further.

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Pesticides You Should Avoid

There are a lot of pesticides that you should never use in the area surrounded by dogs. These comprise of;

  1. Snail & Slug Baits

These baits include metaldehyde which can kill dogs if they eat it.

  1. Organophosphates

Pesticides having organophosphates such as disulfoton and malathion kills by attacking the dog’s nervous system.

  1. Pesticides Mixed With Fertilizer

Fertilisers having a bone meal or fish are not harmful to your pooch. These products are very harmful to your dog.

  1. Nematodes

Steinernema Feltiae, also known as Microscopic Nematodes, feasts on grubs, Cutworms and lawn runners. These are harmful to dogs. You can sprinkle it on the soil to eradicate insects.

  1. Fly Paper

Sticky Flypapers catch while attracting insects such as gnats and houseflies. These harmless traps are kept on a window where the insects hang out frequently.

Final Takeaway

This was all about some best garden safe products. Let us know how you liked this article. Drop-in your thoughts in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible in case of any queries. Just remember to keep your pets safe.

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