Cryolifting therapy is one of the newest non-surgical methods for an instant facelift. It’s a natural treatment method where liquid nitrogen is pumped into the skin’s problem areas for about three minutes using a carboxy spray. The process is also called CooLifting, and estheticians sometimes call it Frotox.

Here’s How Cryolifting Benefits Your Skin

  1. Cryotherapy Enhances the Production of Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Collagen is responsible for providing structure to your skin to keep it elastic, supple, and strong. This structural protein is also responsible for replacing dead skin cells that can form comedones when they combine with sebum produced by the skin. Comedones are identified as small bumps that form on the skin’s surface and include whiteheads, blackheads, or other types of macro and micro comedones. Collagen stimulates the replacement of dead skin cells to keep your skin radiant and moisturized.

Without collagen, skin sags, wrinkles, and facial lines start to appear. Sadly, our bodies produce less collagen as we age, and this causes wrinkles to form. Cryolifting therapy stimulates the production of collagen when your body isn’t generating enough. CooLifting cryotherapy is the safest and most efficient method for stimulating collagen production in your body. Other methods include supplementing your skin with collagen beauty creams and injections.

  1. Cryolifting Helps Reduce Inflammation and Pigmentation

Skin imperfections such as brown spots, acne, sun damage, spider veins, and redness are unattractive and are sometimes difficult to treat. They are signs that your face is aging at a faster rate than you are and may also cause inflammation. Cryotherapy solutions are more effective in treating these imperfections than traditional facials and body creams. Cryolifting helps boost skin cell regeneration and flushes metabolic waste out of the body. This gets rid of dead skin cells that may be the cause of skin imperfections such as acne. When dead skin cells combine with Cutibacterium acnes, they may accelerate such facial skin conditions.

Cutibacterium acnes is a slow growing, anaerobic bacterium, which can cause numerous infections. Cryotherapy increases the blood flow to your face. When your facial skin is exposed to freezing liquid nitrogen, it cools the nerves and eases pain caused by inflammation. Studies have shown that cryotherapy boosts the production of cytokines, which are anti-inflammatory proteins. In the long-term, continuous cryo facial treatment will reduce skin inflammation.

  1. Cryolifting Stimulates Healing

CooLifting cryotherapy helps alleviate skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. When your face is suddenly exposed to liquid nitrogen in subzero temperatures, the body’s blood flow to that area is slowed down for a couple of minutes. When you’re back to normal temperatures, blood rushes back to your extremities with high pressure.

Through the stimulated blood circulation, metabolic waste is flushed off the cells and replaced by nutrients from the oxygenated blood that flows back. This process stimulates the healing of skin conditions such as acne, itchiness, and redness.

  1. CooLifting Is an Efficient Anti-Aging Treatment

Cryotherapy is effective in stimulating the production of collagen, your skin will remain radiant and supple for a much longer time. Signs of aging are most visible on your skin as lines, and wrinkles cloud your face as you get older. Other anti-aging treatments, such as using herbal supplements or Botox, are not as effective as Cryolifting.

CooLifting cryotherapy helps dilate skin pores, which prevents impurities such as sebum from blocking the pores. As a result, your skin can replace dead skin cells with healthy ones without any blockages. This leaves your facial skin with a radiant complexion and without wrinkles and lines. The unique benefits of Cryolifting have made the process hugely popular in the beauty industry. More estheticians are now offering CooLifting cryotherapy in their practices.

Moreover, as the esthetician market continues to grow at an accelerating pace, cryotherapy treatments will only proliferate. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of estheticians will increase by 11% to reach 79,600 by 2028, marking significant growth from the 71,800 practicing in 2018.


Cryotherapy is one of the most effective non-surgical face lifting methods that leaves you with radiant and glowing skin. Cryo facials help stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores, eliminate inflammation and pigmentation, and stimulate skin healing. It’s the best non-invasive method to keep your skin radiant in the long-term.

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