Take care of newborn baby in winter

How to take care of newborn baby in winter?

It may so happen that winter is your favorite month of the year. However, depending on the places where people live, their geography and climate, the months of winter can be too harsh as well.

Certain countries own the pleasure of experiencing an extremely mild winter month which calls for more fun times.

Since winters affect us in many ways possible, it is quite natural that a baby will find it challenging to adapt to the winters. In this article, we talk about how to take care of a baby in winter.

There is nothing more joyful than having a winter baby. Newborn babies mean the lucky parents can expect long walks in spring and much outside time, in general.

However, biding the cold months is a challenge as they can be difficult on adults and more so on babies. Thus, this calls for special care for young ones due to their delicate skin and health.

Let us take a look at all the things new mothers need to keep in mind for taking care after a baby during winter.

How to take care of a Baby in the Winter Season?

As a new mother, one can have several questions when it comes to taking care of their new baby. The primary concern is whether one can step out with their baby or not.

Whether the baby is cold, how to dress the baby accordingly, how to take care of their skin, how to bathe them, or how to take care of the baby falls sick are some of the most important questions that is one every mother’s mind.

Let us look at a few points to understand things well.

  • Taking out your baby for some fresh air outside during winter is a big no. This is irrespective where you live and the weather conditions there. Babies can catch colds very quickly due to their weak immunity.
  • Even if you have to take your baby outside, make sure to stay under roofed areas and warm most of the time. Delegate all your outside work well.
  • Try using a pram apart from all the covers for your baby as the shelter is a lot more from winds. The body heat can circulate well in a cosy space.
  • Since we mentioned covers, take care of the newborn baby in winter by using soft yet warm fabrics. Air circulation is also essential. Warm socks, a beanie, and one layer of clothing under the warm clothes work very well. Mittens are a plus too. All this is because babies are born with thermal retention in their bodies.
  • Babies have very delicate skin which requires special treatment too. Read our next section to know a few home remedies for baby skincare.

Home Remedies for Baby Skincare in Winter

Babies tend to get dry skin very quickly in the winter season. The weather tends to suck out all the moisture from their skin much more than adults as they tend to have soft skin.

However, one must not use an adult body cream on them to keep them moisturized. Babies should have a separate routine for baby lip care in winter too.

Let us take a look at a few home remedies to learn more about dry skincare in winter for babies.

  • Make use of a moisturizer that is made for baby skin. This is a must for all babies. The density of the moisturizer depends on how severe the cold is in your country. If you notice your baby’s skin getting flaky, consult a doctor to know what to use on the baby’s skin to correct the dryness.
  • If your baby is old enough for a bath, use a soap that retains moisture. Skip harsh soaps and shampoos for deep cleaning.
  • After a bath, give your baby a good oil massage. Oil massages can help improve blood circulation. The dry patches on the skin get better with adequate oil nourishment.
  • Baby lip care in winter starts and ends with a good medically tested petroleum jelly. Babies lick their lips quite often, which results in loss of moisture and thus, chapped lips. A layer of protective petroleum jelly seals the moisture in the lips of the baby. You can alternatively use the jelly on the parts that require urgent moisturisation on the body.
  • If the dry skin gets unmanageable, you can try Calendula topically. However, consult with a registered medical practitioner before anything else.

Dry Skin Care in Winter for Babies

It is essential to keep baby warm in winter. Thus, apart from protection from the cold, they also need the skin to be nourished every day. The fabric of the clothes may lead to skin to get all the more aggravated.

Thus, a burst of dry skin can be extremely bad for all babies. Consider the given steps to combat dry skin.

  • Oil massage works best
  • Lesser frequent baby baths to curb the loss of moisture
  • Avoid the use of harsh soaps and shampoos
  • Avoid using hot water as it strips the oils from the body
  • Playtime in lukewarm, clean water only.
  • Pat, your baby, dry instead of using a rubbing motion
  • Wash your baby clothes with a gentle baby detergent

Apart from the basic questions on how to take care of a newborn baby in winter, we have also covered dry skin remedies in babies as it is a prevalent condition.


Babies are the most joyful when they are happy and not irritated by external agents. Winters can not only cause them to feel disturbed but also pose a severe health threat. Read through our guide on how to keep baby warm in winter.

Apart from emergency measures, make some of the steps as a part of the routine so that your baby never has to suffer from extreme effects of dry weather.

In any case of bad skin health or cold and cough, consult a doctor immediately.

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Home Remedies for Dry Skin in Winter Let Your Skin Shine

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