microblading eyebrows course

Over the last few years, the microblading eyebrows course has been the hottest latest craze in semi-permanent brow cosmetics. Women all across the country are embracing this innovative and safe technique to fill in their brows without having to apply makeup every morning. 

These are Five Reasons Why You will Choose a Microblading Artist:

 Women all across the country are embracing this innovative and safe technique to fill in their brows without having to apply makeup every morning. These are five reasons why you will choose a Microblading artist: 

  • You can save money

How much do you spend on microblading eyebrows courses or brow tinting treatments each year? Make the calculations! Microblading can last maybe 1-3 years, depending on how well your skin retains the pigment.

  • Best way of regaining eyebrows 

Another advantage of the microblading eyebrows course is that it should be ideal for those who have lost their eyebrows due to sickness or, worse, chemotherapy. You will quickly restore your eyebrows on that gorgeous face, as well as fresh confidence, using microblading. 

  • It does not wear away or smudge

Brows that have been microbladed do not smudge or smear. So people who lead active lives don’t have to worry about losing their eyebrows due to sweaty exercise. 

  • Entirely painless 

The first thing we’ll do when you arrive for your appointment is applied a powerful numbing lotion. This ointment makes the procedure almost painless. The only feeling that customers get is a tiny scratching while the pigment is applied to the skin. 

  • The pigmentation does not change its color but lessen the saturation

Have you ever got any tattoo that has changed color from dark to turquoise? With a microblading eyebrows course, this would not be the case. All of the pigments used during microblading are organic & developed, especially not to alter the color.

We utilize pigments that are devoid of iron oxides & heavy metals that can cause discoloration over time. They will gradually lose intensity over time, signaling that you should stop in for a touch-up!

  • It is 100% safe 

In the presence of a competent microblading artist, microblading is quite safe. Moreover, it is non-invasive and requires very little if there is any downtime!

We exclusively utilize sterile, one-time-use microblade & sterile, one-time-use equipment. To further guarantee your safety, we recommend that you contact the consultation to see if you are a good candidate for both the operation. 

  • Semi-permanent 

You wouldn’t have to commit to microblading for the rest of your life because it’s semi-permanent. Microbladed brows fade with time, and you may alter it up as your body changes due to old age, style, & color choice. 

We are educated to use the Golden Ratio to evaluate your brow symmetry as Phibrows Artists accurately. So you shouldn’t need to know something about mathematical computations to get your eyebrows threaded now.

All you have to do is believe us, knowing that perhaps the golden ratio has been applied to your face and that you have a right to take part in the shape as well as the outcome of the brows!

Let’s sum up

What are you waiting for now that you understand more about this fantastic service? It’s time for flawless brows, so book your appointment now!

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