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What is telehealth? What are the criteria for remote patient monitoring? What are the major differences between the two? Let’s check the difference between remote patient monitoring and telehealth.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring? 

Remote patient monitoring is a method for delivering healthcare with the usage of the latest technology. It makes use of this technology for gathering information about the patient. So it’s different from the traditional method for providing healthcare. 

The RPM solution proves great for people. It can allow the patient to have a convened system of healthcare from the comfort of their home. It uses the technology with bridge space for the traditional type of physical examination. 

But then don’t get afraid of hearing the use of the latest technology in this method. It works based on consumer-friendly personal tech products. Hence, every person would easily operate the devices. 

You would only need the smartphone or tablet from your side. It will help you to make connections with the professional doctor anytime. Remote patient monitoring allows the patient to check on their health updates. 

This method makes the patient more concerned about their health. Even it can help one to emphasize different relevant information for health. It becomes easier for the doctor to check the status of the patient’s health. 

What is Telehealth? 

What is telehealth? How does it come differently as compared to remote patient monitoring? It’s very simple. Let’s understand it further on her side. 

Remote patient monitoring allows the interaction between patient and doctor with the help of technology. It gets possible anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, telehealth represents the entire industry, methodology, technologies, and more. It will enable all kinds of healthcare features. 

Telehealth refers to the method for collection of enhanced health care delivery. But listen, it’s not a specific service like remote patient monitoring. In general, one cannot get any distinction with services delivered with telehealth programs. 

One should hold both of them in a better manner. It would follow similar quality and standard practice methods. Due to this telehealth descriptor might fade away. It uses the technology seamlessly to make integration for health care delivery systems. Hence, in all manner, one can deliver the process in a better manner. 

Telehealth can, in general, refer as a universal term. Therefore it includes all the processes related to technology attached to health. It includes as follows: 

  • Dentistry 
  • Counseling 
  • Physical and occupational therapy 
  • Home health 
  • Chronic disease monitoring and management 
  • Disaster management 

Difference between Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth 

Remote patient monitoring further refers to the telehealth delivery system. However, the term telehealth comes in turn with remote patient monitoring. But telehealth also includes many different methods like the RPM. 

Telehealth technology might use any method to make communication. It involves video conferencing, telephone, IVR system, and more. So telehealth involves all different kinds of technologies. But it runs on the idea of exchanging and updating the information related to health. 

Therefore telehealth comes as a broader category. Hence, the RPM solution is recognized as part of telehealth programs. Hoch! Are you still confused between the two? All these are new terms for the people. It’s because these terms lie under the new technology, which might not have struck every eye. But it has great user benefits, and everyone should make use of it. 

One can find great evolution in this world because of technology. In most cases, remote patient monitoring comes as part of telehealth programs. So one can get the chance to get connected with a doctor without stepping out of the house. Remote patient monitoring becomes a sometimes holistic process. It’s because this technology can connect many people altogether. 

RPM solutions can help connect people not only with the doctor but with the entire extended team. Especially it helps the connection of the caregiver family with an integral part for success. 


In short, there’s no great difference between remote patient monitoring and telehealth. One can also prefer to make usage of this term interchangeably. RPM dolution makes use of specific techniques which can allow a virtual interaction of doctor and patient. It might be possible anytime and anywhere. However, telehealth mainly involves all technology that gets used for delivering health care. But both of these don’t get exactly similar. 

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