Best Tips For Pet Care When You're On Vacation

Are you looking for some tips for pet care when going on vacation? Having a vacation is a much-needed escape that rejuvenates you. It gives you a booster dose for the next couple of months. But if you have a pet, then it can be very challenging.

It’s tough to enjoy and have a smile on your face when you know that you’ve left out someone back home or somewhere else. Here we are talking about your pet, a part of your family you could not take along on your vacation. You constantly think about his well-being and proper feeds or their behavior at a different place because of missing your presence and attachment towards you.

When you know that you’ll be out of the house for a week or more away from your fur blob, kennel care becomes a little more complicated. 

You’ll need someone close to you or a professional to look after your love ball every day, providing them with the necessary food, water, attention, and affection during your absence. Here you get complete tips for pet care when going on vacation; also, learn abouta 2-week vacation what to do with the cat.Let’s get started. 

Tips before you go on a vacation for your pet:

  • Find out a good kennel near you.
  • Take time to find reviews about the kennel.
  • Have a physical visit to the kennel and see the arrangements, hygiene, food facility, other arrangements like medical aids, etc.
  • Most importantly, clear all the due vaccinations of your dog’s if any.
  • Keep a friend in the loop who can visit the kennel to have a check on your pet.

Still, the pet sitter trend in India is not very much in In-home pet boarding. So the trusted and reliable option is traditional boarding in kennels. Some other booster points to consider-

  • Leave your furball with family or friends:

If you have friends, family, or neighbors you trust, they can be the best option for finding long-term care for your dog as they know your pet and vice versa. Pick a friend who is free from certain obligations like infants, elderly parents, off-track routine, unavailability most of the time, etc. Narrow down your list and then ask them for the needful assistance. Follow the pet care while on vacation.

  • Traditional boarding at a kennel:

So, where to leave the dog while on vacation? Still, traditional boarding at kennels is the option chosen mainly by pet owners, and the babysitter trend is not much in. And also, if you have no other options, the last and the only option left is kenneled.

It would help if you chose a veterinarian or boarding kennel to keep your furbaby long-term until you return. Make sure you stay specific parameters in mind like-

  1. The space and the vicinity around.
  2. Are there other fully vaccinated dogs in the kennel,
  3. Caretakers proper attention to the pets staying in the kennel and their affection.
  4. Proper cleanliness and hygiene facility is critical point to consider.

Preparing The Stock Supplies

Irrespective of who is taking care of your dog, you must prepare a full-proof list of stock supplies for the duration you are away from your baby. It is always better to stock a little more than your absence. 

You must work out and discuss the feeding routine with your friend or caregiver and whoever cares. Let the caregiver know about any allergies your pet has, for this can be hazardous if your pet is allergic and there is no update with the caretaker. 

Going On Vacation With Your Dog 

Are you worried about how to go on vacation with a dog? Great idea to have your lovely pet to company you on your vacation. After all, those photographs won’t miss the cute little part of your family.

If it is your pet’s first trip, then have a short and sweet trip as you are also unaware of how your pet will react to the trip. It would help if you updated yourself about the hotel or accommodation breeds where you will put up. They allow as ferocious species could harm other guests not intentionally but in the excitement of coming to a new place.

To start with, try exploring different brands of food supply for if in case your holiday destination doesn’t have the food your dog loves to munch.

So making your dog accustomed to varying brands of food can be helpful to you, and this must be at art at least a month before you have your trip. Also, do not forget to issue a certificate from your pet’s veterinarian for all the vaccinations and medical check-ups.

If you plan to travel with your pet in the car, you must start the training for it entirely a few days before your trip. Traveling with your fur blob is very easy if you start with proper planning like accommodation, vaccination updates, medications, food supplies, keep your pet’s favorite toys with which it feels connected and very close too.

This toy can be his friend when he is tired. Please keep your pet’s utensils, pillow, and blanket for dogs to feel more comfortable with their stuff.

You can also make yourself aware of an excellent veterinary bear your holiday destination wedding for any emergency. Another critical point is not to forget your dog leash and a small chit in the collar mentioning your name and contact number if your fur baby gets lost.

Traveling with your pet dog can be very exciting as you won’t stress how he might be taken care of by friends or kennels or the caregiver at home.

Wherever and whenever you travel, be sure to convey it to your pet as well as they understand more than we humans. Let them know that they are. Vacationing with your dog is a great way to explore a destination, unleashing fun for both you and your dog! to have a short vacation.

Like humans, they, too, need a break. And with this update, make them understand how they will be behaving as strange auras of different people will surround them.


Your dog’s first vacation will definitely be memorable, and you will enjoy it all your life—it will also set the stage as you might want to plan for many more such trips in the future together. Having a vacation with your dog is a beautiful way to explore a destination unleash him for real happiness for both of you and your dog! So follow these tips for pet care when going on vacation. 

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