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It is rightly believed that travel is a thing you buy to be or feel rich! And it is not always necessary that you have to part with your hard-earned money in order to enjoy the wealth. While planning to venture out on the sun-drenched tropical islands, or snowy ski slopes , or else the lush green wilderness, you are constantly making countless resolutions. 

Make your dreams come true by not making the same thing too complicated. Sit with your group and plan within your budget. Make the whole journey a smart journey. Group travel is an excellent means of having good camaraderie. But not everything sails smoothly, if not planned with perfection. It may sound irrational to keep track of travel expenses, but there are too many hidden glitches in it. 

Avoid all negative attributes related to group travel and plan logically. Read the six hassle-free tips below that will come in handy for planning a budget-friendly group trip.

1. Decide on a Travel Budget

Yes! You’re right! You have to decide on the destination first to get the know-how about the total expenses. But sometimes it’s tricky, when both are connected. And it is also a very complicated matter. Although you plan your next trip with a group of friends, not everyone can afford it equally. So, get along on a budget, and decide unanimously. 

The whole planning goes smoothly as most of the group don’t have to feel pressured to spend a significant amount of money. Also, decision making about choosing a destination becomes easier especially with the set budget in mind. Correspondingly, you along with the other group members can claim the extra costs such as flights, rentals, food, trips, and much more. Full cooperation is what is needed.

2. Break Down the Entire Cost Figuratively

Try to figure out how to divide the expenses. Decide on the means and ways to divide the total costs among other group members. For example, are you responsible for the entire booking of a hotel room, or would you have to split the same into two parts? 

Or, are you interested in taking on responsibilities such as taxi hire and daily trips? In many group tours, taking over some part of the duty is generally commendable. It reduces complications and evens out the entire travel-related costs.

If you have a big trip planned soon, try creating an individual account. You should do that well in advance. Everyone involved in the group trip can deposit a certain amount, monthly, to save last-minute hassle. It’s smarter to get good hotels, air flights, and excellent cuisine.

3. Believe in Economic Flights and Pocket-friendly Yet Glamorous Destinations

While on the planning spree for a group tour, be a little proactive with your money. Focus on commercial carriers. There are many cost effective airlines, hosting a handful of travel packages. Plan your move by discussing the hidden nuances with your group mates.

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4. Be Smart While Ordering Food

A group tour is generally a successful trip when there is no discussion or argument regarding food, esp. Yes! Most group tours elicit contempt when the question arises with each member’s food preference. In such situations, positive thinking and healthy eating should be your motto. Splitting the restaurant check guarantees problems and confusion among the group members. 

For example, in a group of ten, a single person pays the full bill of a bottle of wine , and later the other people in the group pay at the break, there will be great confusion. So, believe in always splitting the check. Or else, you can do it through buddy pairs. Club your portion with another individual in the group and proceed to pay the bill.

5. Be Thoroughly Calculating With Expenses

Want to be technologically responsible, and stand out as a smart person among the group? Get the help of the various online apps that cater for all your expenses related needs. Swear on applications like Split or Google Doc , as they both allow all attendees in the group to access, view and edit, as per their requirement. But be aware of their individual positives and negatives.

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