1) Martial arts involves several techniques and each skill is different from the other, but one thing among all of the techniques is common and that is self-defense. Martial arts also have various purposes, one of them is to achieve the fitness goal and the other is defending yourself, there are various offensive and defensive techniques that are being used in martial arts. 

2) Most of the women nowadays are also practicing martial arts, to boost up their confidence, self-esteem, and to feel empowered. Women are not less than men so they are dedicating most of their time and energy to learning several techniques of martial arts nowadays. 

3) In today’s blog, various methods will be discussed for women to learn self-defense, but before that let me tell you before starting a workout you should get adequate workout clothes that should be airy, and stretchable too. Elite sports gym workout outfits are designed specifically for the workout.

Learning Self-Defense with Karate. 

Karate is the most famous martial art on earth, and the best discipline for self-defense. So karate is beneficial in real-life fighting situations and also in your fighting sessions. In karate, you learn how to forcefully attack your opponent with the help of your arms and legs, and how your striking force will help you to knock down your opponent. 

Other than that there are various types of karate and every type has its effectiveness, and each type will make you ready to learn the various defensive techniques. Remember that the more forceful and powerful your strike will be, the more chances will be there to save your life. 

Learning Self-Defense with Jiu-Jitsu

1) Brazilian jiu-jitsu involves various ground techniques, and mostly the attacks on the women involving sexual attacks too end up on the ground. So it’s too important for women to learn various grappling skills and should also learn about ground fighting methods, which will help them to get themselves out of the challenging situation and will also help them to defeat the male striker. 

2) So learning Brazilian jiu Jitsu will have a strong, useful, and constructive impact on women’s personalities. 

3) Other than that as I explained earlier, if you are a beginner searching for workout clothes, remember that you have to get comfortable and lightweight clothes and must invest in outfits that have sweat-absorbent qualities. Elite sports workout clothes are lightweight, long-lasting, and are comfortable as well. 

Learning Self-Defense with Aikido. 

Aikido comprises various defensive techniques that involve learning throws, locks, and various joint locks techniques. In aikido, you tend to learn various defensive skills without damaging/hurting your opponent, also in aikido you learn how to have control over your emotions, especially how you can remain calm and how to keep off the aggression. 

So aikido involves non-competitive skills, and the aim is not to hurt your opponent, but instead to learn how you can defend yourself in a challenging situation. 

Learning Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo is the most popular martial art that emerged from Korea and in this discipline, you tend to learn various techniques for how to kick and punch. Although it has various efficacy in learning self-defensive skills, this discipline is suitable for women because it makes them learn how to knock down the male attacker with kicks. 

The male body has more upper body strength and power which put the women at high risk of becoming victim because women are weaker than men anatomically, but if women learn the defensive techniques of taekwondo and if they learn how to execute the forceful strike upon their attacker they can knock down their male opponent in a remarkable way. 


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