Battleships board game

There are many different kinds of board games available for kids, and this Battleship is one of the popular board games that help kids and adults to enjoy their time with friends and family. 

Though several fancy sets are available, many people use paper and pen to play the Battleship board game in the initial time. 

The simplicity of this game is the primary reason for its popularity. This game has a simple set of rules that are easy to understand, and it is suitable for all kinds of kids and adults. 

This game is one of the best games for kids to play, and it provides various benefits for kids above the age of 12. It’s all due to the beautiful playing set and the game’s theme. 

And people started to play this satta matka kalyan game in the early period of world war I, and after many years the playing parts of the game had many changes, but the paying method remained the same. So these are some of the points about the Battleship board game. 

Components that kids need to know in Battleship board game

Battleship is one of the popular board games that many people love to play, and initially, at the beginning of this game, people used pen and paper to play this battleship game. 

But now, it needs several components to play the game. Some of the pieces available with this game are 

  • Game board with pins for two players
  • White and red pegs
  • Carrier ship with five holes
  • Battleship with four holes
  • Cruiser with three holes
  • Destroyer with two holes

These are the components that are available with the Battleship game set. It is the perfect option for people to play in various locations due to the portability of this product. 

This Battleship game is available with several designs ans models according to the customer’s needs. These are some of the Battleship board game features and the components available with this game set. 

Battleship game playing instructions for kids

This Battleship game is a two-player game, so two players are necessary to start this game. Therefore, the first step is to set up the game before playing. 

Then, players need to use the small ship-like toys to place them on the board with the help of holes at the bottom of those toys. 

Then, after putting them in different spots, the player has to sit facing each other. It’s because the opponent player should not know the coordinates of the Battleships. 

After completing all these setups, finally, players can start the game by saying the coordinate with the numbers and alphabets in the corners of the board on which they have their ships. Each pin on the board determines a coordinate point. 

So if an opponent player says a coordinate point, the other player needs to mark it with the peg. For example, if the coordinate point is on the Battleship, the player needs to mark it with a red peg at that location, and if it is away, it means they should use a white peg. The first person to hit all the opponent’s Battleships is the winner of the Battleship Board game, and it is the playing method for this battleship game. 


There are several board games available for kids, but this Battleship board game is one of the popular games that both kids and adults like to play. 

Many people doubt whether it is a good game for kids are not. But, it is a good game for kids to play and enjoy. 

And this game help kids to increase their knowledge and spontaneous thinking skills. These are some of the advantages available for kids from this battleship board game. 

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