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Cabo San Lucas Catering Services are famous and 99% are trained and professional. The reason behind this is they manage thousands of guests every day. If you are going for taking a rest in Cabo. Then you can refresh your mind with yummy drinks.

No matter if you went for a hike or rest on the beach, the traditional Mexican drinks are all that you will need. In Cabo, you can try drinks that you haven’t tried yet. Whenever we think about Mexico, the first thing that pops into mind is tequila. But there are many other drinks as well that you can try in Cabo.

1. Jamaica Water:

The first drink that you must try when you want to hydrate yourself is Jamaica Water. It is a nonalcoholic drink and you can also find it in bars. It is served all over in Cabo, especially with tacos. You can also see the Jamaica gardens throughout Cabo and also in Mexico.

How this drink is made? Well, the dried leaves of Jamaica are brewed into tea for creating this non-alcoholic and also tasty drink. It is served cold and it is mostly sweetened. So if you want to get something to refresh you and your kids, then this one must be your top priority.

2. Aguas Frescas:

You can go for Mexican nonalcoholic drinks as well. They are the best option. These are made from tropical fruits are served in all seasons. Aguas Frescas is made by blending fresh fruits like guava, pineapple and guava and are mixed with water. This drink can be served to both children and adults.

One of the most popular aguas fresca that is commonly served in Cabo is made up of lime juice that is filled up with chia seeds. You can also take them home. They are both healthy and also refreshing.

3. Raicilla:

Not only tequila but there are several other alcoholic drinks of Mexico that are world-famous. This drink is brewed from the famous agave plant. Once it was considered Mexico’s Moonshine. But now it is turned into a craft beverage. It is served in almost all sorts of beverages in the bars of Mexico. This drink is made up of smoked agaves as a result, there is a tropical tint in this drink.

4. Damiana:

Most people have a unique taste and they are not attracted to the most popular drinks. Many people don’t prefer tequila, rather they like a sweet and smooth drink. Here, Damiana can be the perfect option. It is sweet like honey and is in Golden colour. You can mix it with other beverages like on the rocks to make it tastier.

5. Michelada:

Michelada is also a famous drink in Cabo. It is almost similar to bloody mary. You can enjoy it with traditional Mexican food or any seafood. It is especially for the evening dates.


If you want to arrange any event, do not forget to ask Cabo San Lucas Catering Services to add your favourite dish with your favourite drink as well.

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