The current time has become precarious to an extent where we do not know if we will be able to sustain. The biggest factor affecting the same is our physical health. To cope up with this phenomenon, advanced medical technology has gifted us with a remote patient monitoring system. 

Now you must be wondering what RPM is and how does it work? Do not stress over your mind because amidst all the confusion. We have come up with this article to clear all your doubts. In this article, you will get to know about CPT codes, 99453 and all other ones. So without any further ado, let us start from the basics. 

What is CMS Guidance?

CMS guidance is an abbreviation for centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It is a medical agency based in the United States of America. CMS comes under the department of health and human services.

It is a central organisation that collaborates or conducts any health program and initiative. CMS guidance entails many medical care healths. It aims at benefiting health workers from any part of the medical field.

How is CMS Guidance Linked to Remote Patient Monitoring Systems?

CMS remote patient monitoring guidance basically releases various CPT codes under different categories. Each CPT code has guidelines to a particular remote patient monitoring system’s check-up and guidance for the health professional who is assigned as the supervisor for the patient.

For instance – Let us suppose the CPT Code 99457. This code contains guidelines for the doctor or health professional to maintain a good communication with his/ her patient. You see, how beneficial CMS guidance has become because it not only focuses on good health but a good relation between the supervisor and the patient. Now coming back to the 99457 code, it would also help the patient to gain psychological balance. 

CPT Codes

What are the Advantages of CPT Code?

Ever since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have come up with the idea of CPT codes, the remote patient monitoring system has improved a lot. The positive impact and the benefits are apparent and you must acknowledge it. Read the following points below to get a brief insight about the same.

  1. Earlier the health professional did not have a fixed pay rate. The patients used to pay the doctor an arbitrary amount. For this reason, the health professionals were dissatisfied. 
  2. Before CPT codes, there was not a particular ritual that was mandatory to be followed by the doctors or health professionals. They used to work on a very random basis without any perfect guidance. 
  3. With CMS guidance, there is no probability of a scam. No person can charge you for just checking up on yourself with the remote patient monitoring system.

What are some CPT Codes for Remote Patient Monitoring Systems?

As it has already been told to you, every CPT code carries specific functions. CPT code 99454 directs health professionals to carry out different tests such as blood tests, oxygen level tests, blood pressure and even weighing the patient. It is one such small example out of many CPT codes. Many other codes are also available, for example, 99458.

In Conclusion

Hence, this is how CPT codes work under Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidelines. Do not try to breach that CPT code’s rules. It is always advised to use the RPM devices under the supervision of a professional individual.

Therefore, comply with the strict guidelines and do not use remote patient monitoring systems casually. Moreover, if you follow these CPT codes your health scrutiny will work systematically. 


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